30th of December – Happy Birthday

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30th of December is my birthday and I am so happy about the uniqueness of this day. I wrote this poem to celebrate myself and also to inspire someone out there to keep the fire of hope, and resilience burning. It doesn’t matter where you are now, fix your gaze on where you are going to. Regardless of the roughness, you will surely get there.

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I’m 30 on the 30th of December

My teacher asked me about my two favourite numbers.
I said three (3) and zero (0).
My teacher was shocked;
Although, three (3) is understandable by all,
But couldn’t understand why a student would choose zero (0).
So, I was asked why I choose zero (0),
But I gave a dumb response.
Then, I didn’t understand the uniqueness of zero (0).
Of course, my teacher tried to convince me to change my choice.
I was told if you choose zero (0), it means you will have nothing.
But the stubborn me won’t let go of zero (0).
And for years, I was stuck with zero (0).


Sailing through the reality of life,
I recalled what I was told about choosing zero (0).
Maybe I shouldn’t have been so stubborn with my choice.
I tried to change my choice but it was too late.
Because I kept ending up with zero (0),
I told myself it’s pointless to change my choices.
So, I stopped questioning my life choices.
And I decided to stay faithful with zero (0).
I stay glued with my zero (0) since it has always been by my side.
I made time to spend with zero (0); we went hiking and sightseeing.
I embraced my zero (0) wholeheartedly because it is mine.
It is an important part of my story; the story to tell.


starting with nothing


Soon enough, I got to understand zero (0) more than anyone else.
I was able to understand the uniqueness of zero (0).
Yes, zero (0) is nothing; but isn’t everything nothing?
Didn’t something start with nothing?
Wasn’t the world created from nothing?
The more time I spent with my zero (0),
The more I realized that nothing is everything.
And then I channelled my strength to unleashing the power of zero (0).
Never could I forget those days of struggles;
The days of tears and immense pain.
The times my heart aches non-stop and sunk like titanic.
That, I marked as my zero (0).


I’m 30 on the 30th of December.
For 30 years of my life, I learned how to start from nothing.
I learned how to embrace nothing (zero) and transform it into something.
For 30 years of my life, I learned the importance of having nothing.
Gradually, I grew from and with nothing.
From nothing, I took the first step into something.
Everything has a starting point.
Going from nothing to something starts with me embracing my zero (0).
And then transforming my zero (0) to three (3), which is perfection.
But how can one reach perfection;
Without having something that started with nothing?
Nothing is actually the starting point.


I’m 30 on the 30th of December.
I am happy I have something;
Not just something,
But something built from nothing.
Something deeply rooted in hard work and sleepless nights.
Something watered with a strong belief in self, and dream.
Something groomed with confidence that the future is bright.
I experienced something coming out of nothing,
And it unleashed the power of creativity in me.
I learned patience and how to activate my resilience.
Today, I’m 30 on the 30th of December.
Its 30 years; and I’m celebrating my journey into perfection.


30th of december


I’m 30 on the 30th of December.
For 30 years, I was learning how to grow from zero (0) to three (3).
I was learning how to transform nothing into perfection.
Growing up, I remembered how desperately I wished to have a bike.
I didn’t know how to ride a bike until I relocated to a bike country.
In my 30th year, I learned how to ride.
Haha, it sounds crazy, but it reminded me of my zero (0) story.
I also remembered how much I desired to relocate and being heartbroken about it.
But in my 30th year, I did it and started afresh.
Again, it sounds crazy, but it reminded me of my journey.
In short, my life’s summary is 0 and 3;
Starting from nothing and driving to perfection.


There is nothing that cannot be achieved with time.
Slow and steady wins the race.
Fast and strong wins the race.
Time is available for all to utilize.
Believe in your dream and your future.
Embrace your zero (0) and fall in love with it.
Grow your zero (0) with patience, resilience, determination and focus.
So that you can transform your zero (0) into three (3).
Believe me, three (3) is always around the corner;
Waiting for your Uber.
Don’t be in a hurry to move;
So that you don’t miss your direction.


celebrating myself- my choice

I’m 30 on the 30th of December.
Today, I am grateful for my zero (0).
I am thankful for my three (3).
What a great time to celebrate my two favourite numbers in the world.
Oh, what a historical day for me to have my two favourite numbers together.
They said, if it appeared once, it is just mere luck.
Alas, it appeared twice.
It’s a new year; the start of a new perfection for me.
Happy birthday to me.
Happy birthday to my sweet Capricorn spirit that taught me;
Resilience and determination.
Happy 30th birthday, Ayobami.


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