Motivational Quotes

Tradition Quote
I hate rules and traditions. I would rather live my life the way I choose to; a moral life yet without restriction.Ayobami Abiodun

Belief Quote
It’s not enough to believe in yourself. You need to have confidence in your belief, and do what you have to do.Ayobami Abiodun

Creativity Quote
Stupidity is the mother of creativity.Ayobami Abiodun

Evidence Quote
Instead of wasting my time in convincing you, I will channel my strength to give you evidence.Ayobami Abiodun

Perspective Quote
When I close my eyes, I don’t see darkness; I see the start of a new experience.Ayobami Abiodun

Pessimism Quote
I stopped talking to people that always ask me “is it possible?”Ayobami Abiodun

Attitude Quote
I don’t have to explain my actions to anyone because my actions are self-explanatory.Ayobami Abiodun

Attitude Quote
You don’t have to introduce yourself to me because your personality will do the necessary introduction.Ayobami Abiodun

Attitude Quote
I won’t fight unless you fight me and if you decide to fight me,  I am certain that I will win.Ayobami Abiodun

Focus Quote
People will call you stubborn when they fail in their attempt to distract you from your goal.Ayobami Abiodun

Ambition Quote
Unless you are well informed, your ambition could be your ambulance to the emergency room.Ayobami Abiodun

Work Smart Quote
When you are busy struggling to climb the mountain and take a picture of the landscape, I will be in the chopper, taking hundreds of pictures of the landscape.Ayobami Abiodun

Self-Doubt Quote
Do you want to be free from doubt? Just doubt your doubt. That’s it.Ayobami Abiodun

Impact Quote
I can stay indoor for days without going out, but I can’t stay for an hour without impacting lives.Ayobami Abiodun

Self-Expression Quote
I did not enjoy who I was because I was busy seeking approval from people and society. But I enjoy who I am now and who I plan to become in future because I live my life as I believe.Ayobami Abiodun

Question Quote
Everybody asks questions because asking questions is so simple, but not everyone asks the right questions.Ayobami Abiodun

I can’t stop the rain, but at least I can protect myself from the rain.Ayobami Abiodun

Frustration Quote
Frustration is when you have money in your safe but forgot the combination to unlock your safe.Ayobami Abiodun

Desperation Quote
Even if you are desperate, never make your desperation known else people will capitalize on it and rob you of your value.Ayobami Abiodun

Knowledge Quote
I will give you an umbrella when it starts raining, but if you don’t know how to use it and then get drenched by the rain, that’s your problem.Ayobami Abiodun

Passion Quote
Doing what you are passionate about will give you a sense of purpose.Ayobami Abiodun

Passion Quote
Passion without profit dies. Profit doesn’t necessarily have to be money, but if you don’t have a result to show for your passion, it starts to gradually fade away.Ayobami Abiodun

Moving On Quote
Moving on isn’t good enough; make sure you are moving forward.Ayobami Abiodun

Life Quote
Life is all about exchange; you exchange your carbon dioxide for oxygen. If you are not ready to give, don’t always expect to receive.Ayobami Abiodun

Success Quote
It is the simple things you do differently that will make you successful.Ayobami Abiodun