Motivational Quotes

Thought Quote
What makes you stand out lies in your thought. Feed your thoughts with good things daily.Ayobami Abiodun

Society Quote
Never sit on the fence. If you are not part of the solution, then it is assumed that you are part of the problem.Ayobami Abiodun

Grace Quote
It is only God that can magnify one person to become a thousand.Ayobami Abiodun

Success Quote
It is a well-known fact that it is very hard and strenuous to climb a mountain, but it is very easy to slide down the mountain. Be careful, success can be lost easily.Ayobami Abiodun

Desire Quote
The world belongs to the rich and powerful people. Desire to be rich now in order to rule your world and above all, make sure to rock heaven as well by living a holy life.Ayobami Abiodun

Success Quote
Alert! Success may not increase your friend cycle but will accumulate your enemies.Ayobami Abiodun

Idea Quote
It is OK to lose your job, but it is a sin to be void of idea for your future.Ayobami Abiodun

Government Quote
If you are waiting for what the government will do to improve your life, you will wait forever.Ayobami Abiodun

Government Quote
When we stop blaming the government for everything, we will realize and maximize the power of our citizenship.Ayobami Abiodun

Society Quote
We need a change of mentality in my country, not a change of presidency.Ayobami Abiodun

Corruption Quote
Corruption is a game of greediness.Ayobami Abiodun

Communication Quote
Communication can never exist between speakers or listeners. It has to be a blend of speakers and listeners.Ayobami Abiodun

Opinion Quote
The fact that someone’s opinion is different from yours doesn’t make it wrong.Ayobami Abiodun

Beauty Quote
We the people are the beauty of the world.Ayobami Abiodun

Relationship Quote
If you can understand ‘me’, only then can you understand ‘us’.Ayobami Abiodun

Liberation Quote
Music liberates the mind, soul and body.Ayobami Abiodun

Self-image Quote
You start living when you discover yourself.Ayobami Abiodun

Intelligent Quote
Intelligent people don’t argue. They engage in intellectual exercise for knowledge.Ayobami Abiodun

Government Quote
The only thing my country government makes plans for ahead of time is election.Ayobami Abiodun

Purpose Quote
Do you know you can be successful without fulfiling your purpose in life? What do you want?Ayobami Abiodun