Motivational Quotes

Forgiveness Quote
Asking for forgiveness without being remorseful is a great sin.Ayobami Abiodun

Perspective Quote
I do what I think is right, not what you say is right because perspective varies, and it is influenced by motive. I can only trust my motive.Ayobami Abiodun

Determination Quote
No matter the ugly situation you face, mourn for a while and get back to your feet.Ayobami Abiodun

Emptiness Quote
Emptiness creates the opportunity to be filled and gives a signal to abundance.Ayobami Abiodun

Attitude Quote
The worst kind of people to deal with is those who believe they are always right.Ayobami Abiodun

Reality Quote
Nobody knows it all, well except the dead.Ayobami Abiodun

Relationship Quote
I will give you what you want as long as you give me what I deserve.Ayobami Abiodun

Emotional Quote
It is OK to let your emotions flow. It doesn’t mean you are weak, it only means that you are human because it is natural to cry, even Jesus wept.Ayobami Abiodun

Intelligence Quote
The ability to learn and unlearn command intelligence.Ayobami Abiodun

Friendship Quote
The fewer friends I have, the happier I become.Ayobami Abiodun

Trust Quote
Do you trust me? No, I trust my dog and money.Ayobami Abiodun

Enemy Quote
My enemies are busy digging a pit for me, but I’m busy using their back to climb up.Ayobami Abiodun

Leadership Quote
If you cannot lead yourself, then you have no right to lead others. Leadership starts with you.Ayobami Abiodun

Imagination Quote
Imagination is a creative tool for greatness.Ayobami Abiodun

Progress Quote
Run, and if your stomach aches walk and if your feet hurt, crawl but don’t sit down, make sure you are moving.Ayobami Abiodun

Truth Quote
I speak the truth, but people don’t want to hear the truth, so they get mad at me. Guess what? I don’t care because it is the truth.Ayobami Abiodun

Reality Quote
If you allow it, it will come to stay.Ayobami Abiodun

Appreciation Quote
The only time a seed is appreciated is when it is sown; otherwise, it will be cast away in the bin.Ayobami Abiodun

To think that I will settle for less, you will only be wasting your time.Ayobami Abiodun

Attitude Quote
You don’t do packaging at the expense of your product.Ayobami Abiodun

Curiosity Quote
Curiosity is made manifest in asking questions, and it is the key to acquiring wisdom.Ayobami Abiodun

Time Quote
When you have nothing in particular to do, time seems to drag.Ayobami Abiodun

Time Quote
When the time is right, everything will be right.Ayobami Abiodun

Dream Quote
Your dream is your hope. If you don’t have a dream, then your case is hopeless.Ayobami Abiodun

Reality Quote
The fact that I’m doing it doesn’t mean that I love doing it.Ayobami Abiodun