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Every time I think of life, I ask myself ‘what if’. What if there’s no limitation or challenges in life and everything goes as planned, what will I do? And what if I don’t have to worry about my future and my life, what will I do then? Above all, I ask myself; And what if I can’t do away with challenges in life, what will I do? What if everything doesn’t go as planned in life, what will I do? I realized, one thing will be constant for me regardless of ‘what if’. And that’s because of the decision I made to myself. I have decided that I will never settle for less in life.

I have sworn allegiance to myself, never will I settle for less in life. Share on X


Never Will I Settle For Less In Life

If I could fly like an eagle,
I will fly to the highest altitude to rest.
If I could roar like a lion,
I will roar still my enemies tremble.
If I could run as fast as a cheetah,
I will run with my vision, till my vision becomes a reality.
Nothing will limit my achievement.


If I could see the future,
I will bring the future close and NOW will be the future.
If I could possess a superpower,
I will carry the world in my hands and save the people.
If I could shine like the sun,
I will shine my light to impact lives.
Nothing will limit my influence.


If I could flow like a tsunami,
I will wash away the pain that makes my heartache.
If I could erupt like a volcano,
I will melt away all my fears.
If I could blow like a hurricane,
I will blow away every doubt limiting my progress.
Nothing will limit my confidence.


never settle for less in life


If I could turn back the hands of time,
I will correct every single wrong decision I made.
If I could go back to being a child,
I will do only things that make me happy.
If I could control every aspect of life,
I will live a life without worries.
Nothing will limit my happiness.


I am who I am.
I have sworn allegiance to myself,
Never will I settle for less in life.
I could sit all day, wishing I have a superpower;
But I have decided to use whatever I have,
To push my life forward.
Slow and steady, I will never settle for less.


Copyright by Ayobami Abiodun

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