overcome your challenges

Overcome Your Challenges
Through Life Coaching

My coaching session

One-on-One Coaching

Group Coaching

I do group coaching for clients who want coaching with their friends or colleagues. Each coaching group has a maximum of 10 participants. Group coaching sessions are effective, and it saves time and money.

Online Coaching

Corporate Coaching

I help my corporate clients coach their employees and create a stress-free environment where staff can thrive, grow, and transform. Coaching is done either remotely or onsite training.


What you will get

personal development coaching

Personal Development

Develop your talents and potential, understand yourself better, increase your confidence, embrace empathy, stop procrastination, let go of the past, develop a growth mindset, mental toughness, increase your resilience, make better decisions, and live a fulfilling life.

emotional intelligence coaching

Emotional Intelligence

Identify your emotions, manage emotions, understand body language, engage in effective communication, get along with others, master the art of conflict resolution, express appreciation, remember the small things, help others, show affection, set and respect boundaries.

leadership coaching

Leadership & Confidence

Increase focus and engagement, get clarity, think big, set smart goals, prioritize, create a plan, develop resilience, and determination, improve decision-making, achieve set goals, increase self-confidence, maximize passion, realize your dreams and aspirations, and become successful in life.

Coaching Package

Choose the best package for your coaching solution. All package comes with access to resources and worksheet, personalized coaching toolkits and free one month follow up after completion.


Per month


Per month


Per month

Who is my ideal client?

My ideal client is hungry for a change in their life; whether a change in effectiveness, or a change in the quality of life, or a change in behavioural pattern, or a change in direction, or improving work-life balance. And they are committed and determined to make the change happen. Are you coachable?

Individual client criteria:

  1. Who are looking to overcome their challenges.
  2. Who are looking for growth and improvement in life.
  3. Who are committed to having a better quality of life.
  4. Who are willing to be in charge of their lives and challenge limiting beliefs.
  5. Who wants to experience less stress and more balance in life.
  6. Who wants to explore their greatest passion, interest and discover their purpose.

Corporate organization client criteria:

  1. Who wants to build a solid company culture and use cultural and communication differences to mutual advantage.
  2. Who want to make employees feel valued and strive to help them succeed.
  3. Who wants to create a safe and stress-free environment where staff can thrive, grow and transform.
  4. Who are willing to put in the time to build the right culture, explore staff leadership behaviours and organizational impact.
  5. Who believe that improving productivity and communication among teams and groups are the basis for their success.