Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching focuses on exactly what you want to achieve and helps you to get there faster. Life coaching is aimed at helping people meet their goals and achieve success by guiding them in the right direction.

life coach listens, encourage, support, motivate you and celebrate your successes. Coaching doesn’t tell you what to do in certain circumstances or how to solve a problem. Coaching focuses on helping you to identify options available to you, that you may not have ever considered. Hence life coaching leads you to your own solution. It is very important that we seek to improve our life, therefore everyone needs a life coach.


Importance of life coaching

Life coaching will help you reach your personal and professional goals faster. With life coaching, you will be able to overcome obstacles, fear and insecurities holding you back from taking charge of your life.

Life coaching helps you create a plan to reach your goals faster. Engaging life coaching improves your confidence as you gain clarity about who you are and what you want in life.


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My life coaching session

I am a life coach who specializes in mindset change and reorientation, behavioural pattern, personal development, relationship, leadership, business and overall success. I will encourage you to challenge your self-limiting beliefs and inspire you to embrace positivity. Also, I will help you to effectively manage your fear of the future so that you can optimize your fear and let your fear motivate you to achieve success.

My life coaching session is always practical.  I won’t tell you to do things that are not relatable. Every teachings are based on what actually works and not what I think might work.

As a professional coach, I love to engage my client practically because life coaching isn’t rocket science. My life coaching session is focused on helping you to gain self-awareness, increase self-confidence, gain clarity, improve personal development, unlock your potential, achieve your objectives, motivate you to take life-changing action and maintain a work/life balance.


Life coaching with me will help you to cut through all that chaos, and zero in on what you really, truly want in life.

As the leading coach, I mentor and empower my clients to improve their personal development and growth. My life coaching skills and coaching services will help you find your true purpose in life. It will help you to build your confidence, get motivated to live the life you have always wanted for yourselfCheck FAQ


How life coaching can help you reach your goal

Tell you what? Sometimes, you don’t have to have it all figured out before starting, just take a step at a time. Sometimes, you don’t have to be there for so long, just be there at the right time to make a difference. And sometimes, you don’t have to know everything about something, just know what matters the most.

What am I trying to say to you right now? Don’t wait till you think you are fully up to a task. Just start where you are and you will be amazed at what you are capable of achieving. Don’t hesitate to take my help as your life coach, to help you become the captain of your life.

Learning to take charge of your life is a gradual but effective process. It starts with you opening up your mind, spirit and body, to connect with your outer world.

For you to maximize the benefit of life coaching, you have to first desire change in your life. You have to be willing to search within you and be ready to take the help of a life coach to get crystal clear on what you want in life. You can sign up for my personal coaching session.


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1. Life Coaching will help you understand your self:

Understanding your self will open a new door to self-acceptance. Life coaching will give you the opportunity to know your inner self and genuinely connect with it.

When you understand yourself, you will be able to know your weaknesses and your strengths and be able to accept you for you. Hence it will help to promote your growth and development. Understanding yourself will help you to stay focus and give you a sense of identity.

Do you know that we all have unique fingerprints even though our fingers look alike? Does this mean anything to you? It means that we all have a different destiny to fulfil, a unique path to follow. Therefore, it’s not worth it to live your life as others do. You don’t have to wish to be like anyone, you just have to be yourself. It is very important to realize who you truly are.

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Secret of connecting with oneself

Growing up, I discovered a lot about myself. Then I started to ask questions, wanting to know why I think the way I do and act the way I did. I had a lot of questions to ask myself. Perhaps, if I could have meaning to different actions of mine, then I could bring the pieces together and solve my puzzle. So I started getting to know myself first.

I took various personality tests, read 150 book chapters about my personality, read my temperament, searched for my zodiac sign and researched to know more about it. You don’t have to read 150 book chapters as I did. However, dedicate your time to get to know yourself, as this is very important. Learn to always spend quality time with yourself, figuring things out about yourself.

Self-reflection helps me to uncover the secrets of connecting with oneself and I’m always ready to share this secret with everyone who is willing to connect with their inner self. Uncovering this secret will lead you to self-acceptance, self-assessment and self-appraisal and help you to build a positive self-image, boost self-esteem and develop a right mindset. Start life coaching with AyobamiAbiodun


2. Life Coaching will help you envision your future self:

If you can envision your future self right now, it simply means you have a dream and working towards that dream will guide you from going astray. This is because when you have a dream in life, you will be conscious of the actions and decisions you make. Your dream will keep you focused on your track. It will help you to run your own race without feeling overwhelmed by others ability to run.

Your dream will help you to hold on when times are tough. Click To Tweet


Dream gives direction to your life. It is like a strong force that keeps you motivated and inspires you to strive for success. When you develop a healthy mental picture of your future self, you will be able to understand yourself more, and embrace your purpose in life.

It is important to participate in coaching programs, it will help to awaken your imagination, and you will be able to picture your future self. The picture of your future self will bring you to self-realization and keep you informed about your self-worth. This is a powerful way to keep you focused, determined and ambitious in life.

Life coaching will help you discover your true passion in life and assures you of a better future.

You won’t see a need to compare yourself with others because you already know that your destination is different. Therefore, there won’t be any negative competition or negative energy that will take you down the rabbit hole. You will become aware of your purpose in life and this will help to boost your self-confidence. When you can envision your future self, it will assure you that your future will be bright regardless of your current situation. You will have the confidence that you will be successful in life.

Envisioning your future self now will shield you from feeling frustrated about life. It will boost your self-belief and self-assurance, therefore empowering you to take charge of your life.


3. Coaching motivates you to challenge yourself:

Challenging myself is a habit I developed right from childhood. I always set a goal and will reward myself for everything I do. I also set punishment if I fail to reach the goal.

For example; when I was a child, if I was sent on an errand by my mum, I will set a goal for myself. I could tell myself that I must run and not stop until I get to my destination. Then, I set the reward that if I could run all through and not stop along the way, I will buy my favourite biscuit but if I fail to run to the end point, then I will have to take a long route back home as my punishment.

I am very competitive and loves to win at all times. I always give my all to ensure that I reach the goals I set. When I say ‘very competitive’, I mean engaging in a positive competition. If while running, my friend calls to talk to me, I won’t answer because I am on a mission. My friend will have to either run with me or wait for me to get back.

I always challenge myself all the time. I set goals for things I plan to do, no matter how small it might be. This is a positive psychology that helps me to achieve my set goals in life. The goal, reward and punishment I set always vary depending on the task.  Challenging myself helps me to cultivate self awareness, determination and resilience.

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Push beyond the boundaries

Learn to challenge yourself! Please, note that there is a need for discipline if you want this to work for you. Cultivating the habit of challenging yourself will also help to build your self-confidence, cultivate self awareness and resilience.

Having someone as your life coach who is there to motivate you to push your boundaries beyond your limitation, is very crucial to your growth. A life coach is like a time keeper, holding you accountable for the goals you set. A life coach inspire you to push beyond the boundaries.

Life coaching will help you to maximize the power of challenging yourself. You will be empowered to set goals for your life, define your career path, take up challenges, and push the boundaries until you achieve success.


4. Coaching helps you to embrace positive competition:

The general belief is that competition is bad and you hear some motivational speakers telling you to quit being competitive. The truth is that if you are going somewhere and want to make a difference in life, you have to be competitive (positive competition).

There are two types of competition; we have negative competition that leads to frustration, envy and jealousy, whereas we have positive competition that leads to improvement, growth and success.

It is good to surround yourself with top performers. If you are at level 1, befriend those in level 2 and when you get to level 2, befriend those in level 3. Positive competition helps in fostering personal growth and balance. Whenever I see someone doing well in an area of my interest, I set the person as my default competition mode. I start to study the person and learn what makes that person great at what s/he does, then emulate it.


Advantage of positive competition

Positive competition motivate you to discover your strengths and grow beyond your self-limiting beliefs. I remember when I started going to the gym, I couldn’t do more than 5 push-ups. I saw a woman who does 20 push-ups and I was impressed. The woman became my default competition mode. I started competing with her,  and I was able to build my resilience to do 22 push-ups every day.

Ok, I thought I have reached my limit and won’t be able to ever go beyond 22 push-ups. However, I saw a man who does 25 push-ups, and again I was impressed. I made him my default competition mode and started competing with him. You won’t believe that now, I’m able to do 31 push-ups every day. Yes, I’m still trying to push my limit.


Life coaching helps you embrace positive competition

Life coaching will open you up for competition that is profoundly transformational and empowering. It will make you see the need to constantly stretch your ability and by doing so, you will unleash your full potentials and fulfil life purpose.

Being competitive enhance your personal growth and empowers you to take charge of your life. A life coach will train you to develop an open mind, always ready to learn. Life coaching takes you away from the comfortable zone to explore your potential.

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How to take charge of your life

In conclusion, it is very important to take charge of your life. People will always have expectations from you, but what matter most is that you live up to your own expectation and not that of others.

Always remember that you can never please everybody. You have to start focusing on personal goals and desires. The day you start seeking to please people, you will lose yourself because people opinion changes with time. Therefore, always live according to your own terms and conditions.


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As long as you keep hearing the noise of life, you will get distracted.

Like I told you that learning to take charge of your life is a gradual but effective process. It depends on your personal goals and milestones. This means that after doing everything you know how to do, don’t stop, but keep going (gradual process), and your work will speak for itself soon.

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Your life will not change just because you desire change, it will change only when you start to take charge of your life. Therefore, stop wishing and start acting on achieving your personal goals and aspirations.

How to start: Get a life coach today to help you achieve greatness! Don’t wait, start now.  I work with clients that are ready and willing to change their lives. Let me be your personal coach, committed to helping you to maximize your full potential. Book an appointment with me for free


Who is my ideal client?

Are you coachable? Take my free coachability test.

Do you feel that you have no purpose or meaning in life? Or you feel that you have a life purpose but you don’t know how to fulfil your purpose? Is fear holding you back? Do you want to unleash your potential? Do your emotions get the best of you?  Are you feeling stuck? Do you get overwhelmed easily? Do you give up easily? Are you feeling lonely in this world? During hard times, do you find it difficult to find positive meaning and push on?  Do you desire a work/life balance? Do you want to be successful? Are you ready for a transformation in your life, business or career? Then you are my ideal client.

My ideal client is hungry for a change in their life; whether a change in effectiveness, or a change in the quality of life, or a change in behavioural pattern, or a change in direction, or improving work-life balance. And he/she is committed and determined to make the change happen.

Take charge of your life now!