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Here’s the collection of poems written by Ayobami Abiodun

I love writing poems because it gives me the avenue to express my inner thoughts and emotions freely. I write poems about love, life experience, success, and what’s happening around me. With poems, there is no limitation to my self-expression. I am not the typical poet you know. I am someone who loves to express herself and goes with the flow of creativity without regards for status quo.

Who am I?

I ask myself every day,
Who am I?
I wonder what I am doing here,
In a strange land called earth.
Without a thought,
I smiled at the unknown,
The unknown reality of my future.
Who will define it to me?
I wouldn’t care about the future.
I should care about now.
But is that true?
Should I not care for the future?
I’m feeling restless.
What could be the cause?
Should I go, when I’m supposed to stay?
Will it matter?
I found myself through the reflection,
The reflection from the mirror.
I thought I saw myself,
It looks like me but different.
I found myself drowning,
Sinking in the mud of ignorance.
Not anymore.
I screamed, not anymore.
Not anymore, will I live a wasted life.
Not anymore, will I abandon the future.
I’ve got to do something.
Do something for myself and my generation.
Who am I?
I am not just an ordinary girl.
Though I found myself in a strange world,
I will live a strangely amazing life.

Welcome to my poetry collection. I’m glad you are here with me.
I sincerely hope my poem will inspire you to make a change in your world.

Happy reading!