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About Me

Are you feeling stuck? Do you feel like you are running out of luck because things are not working for you? Are you frustrated and clueless about the next step to take? If yes, you don’t have to keep suffering in silence, please get help. I am a life coach who specializes in mindset change and reorientation, behavioural pattern, personal development, relationship, business and overall success. I can help you to rise above your challenges. How do I know? I have faced a lot of challenges in life, and I have been able to rise above all because I discovered a secret. I am willing to share the secret formula with you because you deserve to live a happier and fulfilled life. As your life coach, I will encourage you to challenge your self-limiting beliefs and inspire you to embrace positivity. I will help you to effectively manage your fears and disappointments and optimize them to achieve success. Start coaching with me today!

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Life Coaching

I get to work closely with you as your personal life coach and help you discover your true self, set life-changing goals, achieve your dream, explore your potential, and enjoy a healthy work-life balance.

business coaching

Business Coaching

I work closely with business owners, especially SMEs, who are struggling to run a profitable business. With years of successful experience, I provide valuable insights to improve your business revenue.

coaching to motivate

Public Speaking

I love having the opportunity to share my knowledge with people. As a motivational speaker, my goal is to inspire my audience to get the right mindset and develop a positive attitude to life and work.

Pick What You want Most Right Now For Coaching

Personal growth

Learn how to develop your talents and potential, understand yourself better, increase your confidence, embrace empathy, stop procrastination, let go of the past, develop a growth mindset,  increase your resilience, make better decisions, and live a fulfilling life.

Improve my relationship

Learn how to improve your body language, engage in effective communication, get along with others, master the art of conflict resolution, express appreciation, remember the small things, help others, show affection, set and respect boundaries.

achievE My goals

Learn how to decide what you really want to achieve, get clarity, think big, set smart goals, prioritize, create a plan, be realistic, develop resilience, be determined, stay focused on your goals, realize your dreams and aspirations, and become successful in life.

What my clients say

I'm happy to have worked with Ayobami Abiodun. After my coaching session with her, I felt like a great burden has been taken away from me. Now, I feel more confident, and at peace with both my inner world and the outside world.
Mathew Gulick
You don't have to keep struggling when you could easily reach out for help. Ayobami helped me to overcome my addictions, stay healthy, and improve my relationship with my family and friends. I couldn't have asked for a better coach.
Bethany Smith

start Your coaching

Pick a coaching program that best fits your schedule, personality and lifestyle. 




1:1 four 60-minute private face-to-face coaching sessions.

Personalized coaching toolkits.

Unlimited 1:1 private chat for support and feedback.

Access to resources and worksheets.

Follow up after completion




1:1 four 60-minute private online coaching sessions.

Private coaching toolkits.

Limited 1:1 private chat for support and feedback.

Access to resources and worksheets.

Follow up after completion.




Three 60-minute group coaching session with 10 clients max.

Group coaching toolkits.

Limited 1:1 private chat for support and feedback

Access to resources and worksheets.

Follow up after completion

Your Progress In Life

Believe it or not, you are so close to achieving your life goals.  Don’t give up now. Just take one more step. A little more push, and you will get there.


Book an appointment

Book a free appointment with me. We will get to talk for 30 minutes to clarify your need.

Start Coaching

Hire me as your life coach. I offer face-to-face coaching, online coaching and group coaching.

Become Successful

With each progressive coaching session, you will realize your dream and attain success.


Who needs life coaching ?

People who desire to change part of their life, to become happier and live a fulfilled life. Those who are ready for transformations in their life, business or career.

Can i coach myself ?

Yes, if you motivate yourself to achieve your goals. But, when you have someone to guide and hold you accountable, your success accelerates.

is coaching appropriate for me ?

If you are not happy with where you are and you feel stuck in a rut, then try coaching. Working with a coach means you have decided to succeed and get there faster.

Do i need to see you in person ?

Not at all! I welcome clients from anywhere in the world as long as you’re proficient in the language I speak (English). Geography isn’t a barrier.

what happens doing coaching ?

Typically, I start by asking you what you want and what is stopping you from getting it. Then develop strategies for you to overcome roadblocks. At the end of each session, I will set you tasks and objectives to work on outside of sessions.

do you guarantee result ?

Yes. Your success is my success. Life coaching is a gradual process, but if you’re not gaining a bit more clarity with each progressive session, you are free to cancel anytime.

My Coaching Styles

Holistic coaching

I look at my clients’ whole lives; physical, emotional, and spiritual and help my clients to maintain work/life balance and achieve a peaceful equilibrium.

Intuitive coaching

I focus on my clients’ habits, beliefs, and lifestyle to help them release the blockages that keep them from achieving their goals and purpose.

Vision coaching

I help my clients to envision their future self. I focus on using the power of visualization techniques to help clients realize their dream.

Mindfulness coaching

I use this style to help clients to improve focus and gain clarity about themselves. I focus on clients’ state of awareness to help them release stress, anxiety, and depression. 

Transformational coaching

I focus on my clients’ attitude and perception to overcome self-doubt, fear and self-limiting beliefs, holding them back and empower them to implement the change they want.

Solution-focused coaching

I help clients to achieve their goals by setting clear goals, creating action plans, and focusing on solutions. I give clients practical strategies to get what they desire in life. 

Contact Me

I would love to hear from you .

Enough of feeling stuck in life!

Yes, I know you are probably facing challenges right now. You are not happy with where you are, and you don’t know how to get out of the ugly situations you are facing in life. Of course, you want to be very successful, but it seems like the world and situations are always against you. You know what? I have been there. I’m willing to share my formula with you so that you can rise above your challenges and be successful. Are you ready to discover my secret now?

Motivational quotes

If you want a fulfilling personal life, stop focusing on things you cannot change.

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