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About Me

Are you feeling stuck? Maybe you are feeling hopeless and depressed because you are clueless about the next step to take. Are you facing some challenges now? Perhaps you are feeling frustrated right now. Or are you afraid of the future? Maybe nothing is working in your life as planned. If yes, please reach out for help. Sometimes, we found ourselves in the valley, regardless of how much we tried to make things right; however, we don’t have to let our situation define us. We have a choice to stay in the valley or rise above it. I am a life coach, and I can coach you through the process of overcoming your challenges. Are you ready to rise from that valley? Take my hands, and let me help you get out.

30th of december

What I Offer

Life Coaching

Effective life coaching is about authenticity, passion, confidence and magic, and these are my superpowers. As a life coach, I get to work closely with you and help you discover your true self, set life-changing goals, achieve your dream and enjoy a healthy work-life balance.

Public Speaking and Presentation

Are you always nervous when giving a presentation? Let me help you overcome the fear of public speaking and build the confidence you need to make your voice count in this world. Learn how to structure and prepare your presentation more efficiently.

Content and Social Media Management

I will write SEO friendly content for your business website or blog to increase awareness and ultimately persuade visitors to take action on your site. Also, I will teach you marketing techniques to increase your website traffic and push it to the forefront of search engines.

Building Online Business

Do you have a business idea that you have been postponing for so long? Or do you plan on starting a personal blog to express yourself but you don’t know how to go about it? Let me help you to make a career through blogging and building a successful online business.

What my clients say

I'm happy to have worked with Ayobami Abiodun. After my coaching session with her, I felt like a great burden has been taken away from me. Now, I feel more confident and at peace with both my inner world and the outside world.
Mathew Gulick
I reached out to Ayobami at a time when I felt much anxiety about my life and future. Nothing seems to be working in my life then, and I felt lost. Ayobami helped me uncover the blocks holding me back and keeping me from achieving my goals. As a result of Ayobami's help, I live an authentic life.
Regina Page
You don't have to keep struggling when you could easily reach out for professional help. Ayobami helped me to crush my self-doubt and limiting beliefs. She inspired me and taught me how to take charge of my life. I couldn't have asked for a better coach because her coaching sessions worth every penny.
Bethany Smith

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Your first coaching session starts with me understanding your situation.

Achieve results

With each progressive coaching session, you will gain clarity and attain success.

Enough of feeling stuck in life!

Are you facing challenges right now? You are probably not happy with where you are, and you are hoping for a change in your life. Perhaps, your search for a change brought you to my website. I what you to know that being here is not by chance; everything happens for a reason, so let me help you rise above your challenges. The big bonus is that I have been there in most ugly situations and have overcome. I’m willing to share my practical model with you so that you can overcome your challenges too. Don’t take this moment lightly; get in touch now.

Pick What You want Most Right Now For Coaching

Personal growth

Learn how to develop your talents and potential, understand yourself better, increase your confidence, embrace empathy, stop procrastination, let go of the past, develop a growth mindset,  increase your resilience, make better decisions, and live a fulfilling life.

Improve my relationship

Learn how to improve your body language, engage in effective communication, get along with others, master the art of conflict resolution, express appreciation, remember the small things, help others, show affection, set and respect boundaries.

achievE My goals

Learn how to decide what you really want to achieve, get clarity, think big, set smart goals, prioritize, create a plan, be realistic, develop resilience, be determined, stay focused on your goals, realize your dreams and aspirations, and become successful in life.

Motivational quotes

Intelligence comes with curiosity. If you are not curious, you cannot be intelligent because you won’t see the need to question things.

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