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Hi, i’m Ayobami, Your Amsterdam Life Coach

As a natural-born life coach, I can help transform your life using proven formulas I learned from nature, people, behavior and society. Let me share these secrets with you and help you achieve success in new areas of life.


How I Transform Lives.

Do you have an intense feeling within you that you are worth more than your current situation? Unlock this mystery within and discover your true potential with my coaching sessions

Personal Skills Development

Get to know yourself better. Let me help you find happiness within yourself and become your own cheerleader. 

Relationship Strengthening

A happy relationship leads to a fulfilling life.  Learn how you can connect better with partner, family, friends and colleagues.

Leadership Skills Development

It's time for you to be in charge. Let me help you develop your ability to lead and become more confident in yourself.

You can be happier starting from today.

Life Coaching Courses

Smashing Insecurity: Building Self-Confidence

Want to live your life unapologetically without fear? Enough of losing out on life-changing opportunities because of low self-esteem, insecurity and doubt.

Setting Boundaries, Engaging In Effective Communication

Tired of having heated arguments with your loved ones, colleagues or boss? Express your feelings with controlled emotions to build stronger and healthy relationships.

Get better direction and clarity towards living your dream life

Are you tired of feeling lost and uncertain about the direction of your life? Create a clear, actionable plan for achieving your goals and making your dreams a reality.

Understanding yourself better: Who Are You?

Do you feel like you are living someone else's life? It's time to reflect on your experiences, emotions, and thoughts. The more you know yourself, the more resilient you become. 

What Clients Say About My Coaching Sessions?

Do you want to improve your situation? You can get support to succeed and be in charge.

"I enjoyed working with Ayobami Abiodun. Her coaching sessions helped me feel relieved and confident."

life coach review

Mathrew Gulick

I reached out to Ayobami at a time when I felt much anxiety about my life and future. Nothing seemed to be working in my life then, and I felt lost. Ayobami helped me uncover the blocks holding me back and keeping me from achieving my goals. As a result of Ayobami's help, I live an authentic life.

ayobami life coaching review

Regina Page

Ayobami has been amazing. Her empathy, insight, and expertise have transformed my relationship in ways I never thought possible.

Rollins Philip

"Ayobami is an excellent coach who helped me overcome self-doubt and limiting beliefs. Her coaching sessions were worth every penny."

ayobami life coaching review

Bethany Smith

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