I am a motivational speaker, life coach, social entrepreneur and poet. Oh, God knows how much I love my job as a life coach. This is because I get to bring out the best in people.

I am very imaginative, open-minded and a curious person. My personality helped me gain in-depth inner wisdom and high emotional intelligence.

I don’t believe that there are standard rules to live by, so I don’t live my life by the rules people set. Also, I don’t settle for the status quo, therefore, I focus on what makes me happy as opposed to what people expect.

I am a flexible, relaxed nonconformist who prefers keeping her options open.

I always live my life by the rules I set for myself, and this has been working perfectly well for me. Don’t worry; I will let you know when it stops working for me (wink). Also, I don’t follow the crowd because I love to stand out.

I would rather prefer to be called stupid for expressing my creativity than to be a copycat. After all, I don’t look like a cat (meow).

Goodness, if there is one thing I hate most, is to be static.

I give top priority to personal development because it is essential for our overall growth as humans and it helps us to maximize our full potentials and live a balanced life.

I am always looking to grow, continuing to push the boundaries of what I am capable of, learning new things daily, accomplishing new goals and aim to succeed in new areas of life. You don’t have to look elsewhere to find a life coach because I am here for you.

Life Coach:

My Style

As a life coach and a motivational speaker, I won’t tell you that you can pull a plane with a bicycle. If you try it, you will discover that both the plane and bicycle will gang up against you and push you out of the way instead. And yes, it will be a sorry case in the emergency room (smiles).

There is no point telling you to do unrealistic things just for the sake of motivation.

I motivate people based on a logical and realistic approach to achieve success.

I focus on objectivity and rationality, prioritizing logic over emotions. So, if you are looking for a life coach that will be real and practical with you, then I am your girl for the job. I am a practical realist, and always feature extreme scenarios in the game plan. Want to give it a try?  Start now with me!

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My Passion

To me, it doesn’t matter where I am coming from; what matters to me is where I am going to. And I keep my focus on my end goal.

If I have to tell my life story as a movie, it would be a great emotional movie and would shut down Netflix. Yes, you would cry all through the movie. And the fishes would relocate because your tears will sustain their existence (tears like an ocean).

Well, maybe it sounded like I had just exaggerated a little bit, but the truth is that I got it really bad. I have faced lots of challenges and obstacles in life.

However, each time I have been able to come out strong, wiser and more experienced. That’s why I believe I am in the best position to help you overcome the obstacles, fear and insecurities holding you back from achieving success.

I understand that though I had crossed the bridge before it collapsed, some people are still stuck at the other end of the bridge. They have no clue how to move on so I volunteer to be the bridge to help them move on in life and achieve their dream.

Life coaching is my passion, and I love to help others so I lead by example, continuing to push out limitations.

My Role as a Life Coach

I believe leadership is worth more than the title. Yes, I am the CEO and Founder of YGEM, a social enterprise focused on gender equality. YGEM received the Top 100 Global Meaningful Business award, 2019-2020. I am also the President of Youth laugh. However, title means nothing to me. What matters as a leader, is to lead by example and bring out the best in others.

I always aim to be that person who will be included in someone else’s journey when they narrate their success story.

As a life coach, I believe everyone has something to offer to the world. However, many have no clue of identifying their potential and purpose in life.

I am very good at identifying potentials in people, most especially when they are clueless about it. Helping others to unleash their potential has always counted as a huge success for me.

Creativity and intelligence are my strong points.

I am gifted in being able to identify what doesn’t work or is in need of improvement. So, I help my clients to clarify life purpose, and goal. And explore all the possible options in achieving it, using lots of techniques to really extract options that they have never thought of before. Check FAQ

To get started with me as your life coach, all you have to do is to give me a ticket on your train (don’t worry if it’s not a moving train). My role as a life coach is to help you move the train of your life to the desired destination.

Let me be the life coach who will motivate you to push boundaries and explore your potentials.

I will help you to key into life-changing opportunities. As your life coach, I will teach you how to have a positive attitude, build self-confidence, stay focus, recognize opportunity and maximize it.

I can help you create a plan to reach your goals faster, and improve your confidence as you gain clarity about who you are and what you want in life. I am not a magician, neither, do I have a superpower. However, I am confident in my abilities due to years of experience and proven results.

My Likes

Every single content on my website is written to showcase my originality, thought, opinion and lifestyle. And with the sole purpose to inspire and motivate my readers.

I love to express myself clearly and easy to understand way. Therefore, what matters to me is the number of people I impact, not the number of people I impress.

Oh, I am very playful, so mysterious, and dynamic. I love adventure and sightseeing. I’m a true Capricorn girl and I enjoy having intellectual conversation with people.

I appreciate humour and the lighter side of life and love relaxing and having fun with friends. Share on X

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Do you have anything to tell me? Feel free to contact me.