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Life is a gift that should be cherished because you are lucky to be alive. Yes, I said ‘lucky’ because it’s not within your power to breathe. Life has always been beyond your control; you couldn’t control when and where to be born, and you won’t control when and where to die naturally. It’s not worth it to live a life full of regrets, complaints and bitterness. It took nine months for you to be born into this world, but you can die within a minute and leave this world. So, what do you stand to lose if you live your life to the fullest? Be filled with gratitude, live to the fullest and never be afraid to enjoy your life. Life is a ticking time bomb and death is the timekeeper, so do what you have to do now.

Life is a gift to mankind; a precious gift. Never take it for granted. Share on X


Life Is A Gift; Cherish It and Live To The Fullest

Life is a gift; a precious gift.
Precious than red diamond.
Beautiful than gold.
Life is a shining gift; it shines brighter than moissanite.
Life is a ticket; a free ticket.
The ticket is given to observe the beauty of creation.
It is not given to all, even though it’s a free ticket.
It is given to only the chosen few,
Considered to be fortunate.

Life is a gift; a precious gift.
A gift wrapped with challenges.
You have to take up life’s challenges,
In order to access its beauty.
The thickness of the wrapper varies.
The thicker your life’s wrapper,
The difficult it gets to unwrap the gift.
This is why people face different difficult situations.
When you give your best,
And everything seems to go out of place,
Always remember that the difficulty you encounter,
Is simply because you are making progress.
Making an attempt to unwrap life’s beauty.

If you refuse to open up the gift,
You will not have challenges to encounter.
You will not be faced with difficulty.
But your life will be meaningless.
You will live a life without a goal.
You will live a life without direction.
You will live a life without a dream.
You will live a life without ambition.
You will live a life without vision.
If you choose to run away from the wrapper of life; challenges
Know that you will never see the content (beauty) of your gift.
And your life will be worthless.
Is that what you want?

Life is a gift; a precious gift.
Anytime you are faced with challenges,
Learn to relax and stay positive.
It simply means that you are making progress.
You are getting closer to unwrapping life’s beauty.
So, you don’t have to be frustrated.
The challenges will surely pass away.
It’s only a matter of time.
Don’t give up on life. Don’t do it!
The world waits to celebrate your life’s beauty.
Millions of lives are waiting to celebrate with you,
For when you eventually unwrap life’s beautiful gift.

Life is a ball; you have to kick it to score a goal.
The strength and force of your kick,
Will determine the motion of your life.
The direction of your kick,
Will determine your life’s destination.
Therefore, learn how to live your life.
Learn to take responsibility for your life.
And ensure that you score a goal, if not goals.
Don’t lose yourself in the struggle for life.
You don’t need to struggle.
You just need to live.
You need to live your own life.

Learn to take a step at a time.
Learn to unwrap your gift with patient.
It doesn’t matter if your friends are successful.
They were only faster than you to unwrap their gift.
And now they are enjoying the beauty of life.
It doesn’t matter because you still have your life’s gift.
Nobody can acquire your own life’s beauty.
Life’s gift is such that it is unique to its owner.
But one thing you must set your mind to do,
Is to ensure that you will unwrap your gift,
At your own pace and time.
And behold the beauty that awaits you in life.
Nobody can unwrap your gift on your behalf.
Only you can live the life you have.
Your life is for you alone to live.

Life is a gift; a precious gift.
It is a gift with a time frame.
It is a scheduled gift on life calendar,
With an expiring date programmed to it.
It has a time bomb with an unknown time reading.
Time defines life; make good use of your time to define your life.
You can’t afford to waste time.
You can’t afford to keep running away from challenges.
Face your life challenges, and unwrap life beauty,
When you still have the time to do so.

Life is a ticking time bomb,
And Death is the timekeeper.
Don’t let the time bomb blow your life’s beauty off.
And turn it to ashes.
Don’t let your life’s gift explode,
Before it is too late.
Don’t live a wasted life,
So as not to live a life of regret.
Time cannot be purchased.
Use your time now,
Before it becomes irrelevant.

life is a gift- live to the fullest

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Now, take the ticket life has given you,
And observe the creation.
Appreciate the beauty of creation.
Appreciate the birds of the air.
Appreciate the fishes in the ocean.
Appreciate the mountains and the valleys.
Appreciate the oceans and the rivers.
Appreciate the animals and the beasts.
Appreciate the full beauty of life.
Appreciate the splendour of life.

Be filled with gratitude for life.
How wonderful and beautiful to behold.
If you weren’t given the ticket (life),
You won’t have had the opportunity,
To see the beauty of creation.
Some wanted to collect the ticket,
And also get to behold what you see.
But they were either aborted,
Or miscarried in the womb.
Appreciate life now that you have the opportunity to do so.
Observe and enjoy the beauty of creation.
Observe and write your report.

Write your report with your name written boldly on it.
Let it be known to every creation of life,
That you were once here.
Make sure you leave an impact.
Be of value to life and make history.
Learn to live your life; let it not be late.
Arise and take up the responsibility of your life.
Live your life; it is yours to live.

You are almost done unwrapping your gift.
Just a little more patience.
A little more focus.
A little more push.
A little more determination.
And you will get to enjoy the beauty of life.
This will be unto you a celebration of achievement.
Telling yourself loud and clear,
I finally made it.
I did not give up.
I followed through and I made it.

Life is a gift: cherish it and live it to the fullest.
Let your life found expression in its meaning.
And discover the beauty of existence.
Let your life make a lasting impact on creation.
Before the explosion of the timing bomb (death).

Copyright by Ayobami Abiodun

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  1. We don’t have to compare our life to that of others. Everyone has their own life to live and we should live it to the fullest. The problem is that most people are busy competing with others, instead of competing with their inner force, challenging their inner demons, and unwrapping their gift (life) at their own pace and time. Great poem! Ayobami.

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    1. I am so glad you created your own website to inspire people out there. Together, we will continue to influence our generation and make positive impacts. Thank you for the kind words.

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