Yes. Your success is my success, therefore the more quickly you reach your goal, the more successful I see myself. At the end of each coaching session, I will give you very specific action-oriented assignments (action plan). And encourage you to evaluate yourself and see if you have learned something new about yourself or gained clarity on your issues. At the beginning of the next session, you will share with me your self-discovery. And I will assess your progress on the action plan from the previous session. After our work together, we will assess your progress over a longer period of time and identify how you can best leverage what you’ve learned so as to advance in career and life.

Life coaching is a gradual process. However, I do believe you should feel like you’re gaining a bit more clarity on your situation with each progressive session. You should feel like you are getting tremendous value from every single session we have together. You should feel like you’re gaining new awareness about yourself, to enable new actions and new results in your life. Therefore, the moment that’s not the case, you always have the freedom to stop coaching with me.

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