Coaching is for those who are outcome-oriented and who are ready to accept full responsibility for affecting the outcomes they desire. Are you hungry for success? Are you ready for transformation in your life, business or career? See below the pricing table of Ayobami Abiodun.

Check out the Pricing Table Of Ayobami Abiodun

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I can help you with…

My services

Life Coaching

I get to work closely with you as your personal life coach and help you discover your true self, set life-changing goals, achieve your dream, explore your potential, and enjoy a healthy work-life balance.

Business Coaching

I work closely with business owners, especially SMEs, who are struggling to run a profitable business. With years of successful experience, I provide valuable insights to improve your business revenue.

Public Speaking

I love having the opportunity to share my knowledge with people. As a motivational speaker, my goal is to inspire my audience to get the right mindset and develop a positive attitude to life and work.

Through experience, I have realized that not everyone can be coached because not everyone is genuinely concerned about improving their lives or business. Many will say they want to be successful in life, however only a few are ready to do whatever it takes to make it happen. Life coaching won’t yield result just because you love the idea of having a coach, but by taking the actions your life coach recommends. Nothing makes me happier than to hear my clients’ success stories because they were committed to applying everything they learned from me to improve their lives. My passion for being a life coach is because I love to help people become successful. But how can I help you, if you are not ready to help yourself?

Therefore, I only accept to coach those who are ready to help themselves. I accept clients that are willing to learn and apply whatever they learn. Those who are determined to be committed to the coaching program. Clients who want to make a difference in their lives and will do whatever it takes. So, my question is: Are you coachable? Take my coachability test to find out


The essence of my coaching session is to make you more resourceful to find your own path and become successful in a much shorter period of time.

One-on-one Coaching:

This is for clients who desire face-to-face coaching with me. Most of my one-on-one coaching clients live within my local area. I also do travel outside my country to coach clients. In this case, clients always cover my travel expenses.

Online coaching:

About 70% of my clients reside in other countries so geography isn’t a barrier. I conduct coaching over the phone or the internet, establish a very close rapport with all of my clients, even if we never meet face-to-face. Online coaching sessions saves time and money, and it works effectively as an in-person coaching session. Online coaching has proven to be the most convenient way for individuals to fit coaching into their busy lives. Therefore, you can get coaching from the comfort and privacy of your home.

Corporate coaching:

I do a series of group coaching for corporate bodies. My clients have the opportunity to decide the coaching group, based on their needs, and the organizational goals they aim to achieve. Each coaching group has a maximum of 10 participants. I will engage members of the group,  challenge, motivate and inspire them to accomplish their goals.

At the end of each coaching session, I will give you very specific action-oriented assignments (action plan). And encourage you to evaluate yourself and see if you have learned something new about yourself or gained clarity on your issues. The purpose of each session with me is to make you more resourceful to find your own path going forward.


Personal Development


Business and career


Human Alarm

Very often, even when we know what we want, we find ourselves unable to sustain our motivation. Imagine having someone beside you, acting like your daily alarm to awaken your potentials and inspire you to go beyond your set limitations? Sure, you can imagine how productive you will become right?

I will be your human alarm. Hahaha…I’m sure you are hearing that for the first time. Don’t worry; I promise not to give out any annoying sounds (wink).

My coaching techniques

My major coaching technique is NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) with the aim to help you realize that the only thing holding you back in life is yourself. I will guide you to unleash the power of your inner self and move out of your comfort zones so that you can live the life you truly deserve. My other coaching techniques include writing exercises, imagery and visioning, interview, homework assignment, gratitude exercises, linguistic models, three C’s (clarity, confidence and commitment), mindfulness exercises. My techniques are tailored for my clients based on their personality and need, and it’s focused on breaking barriers, and helping clients live a happier and satisfying life.

I listen with clarity and without passing judgment on what you say.

I won’t tell you what to do because I want you to become independent and take pride in the decisions you make. However, I will help you to identify and articulate your motivations and desires. I will challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone by harnessing techniques based on core psychological principles and intuition so that you can focus on getting out of life what is important to you.

It’s time for you to take actions to move towards your goals.

I will challenge your perspective, and question some things you take as a given, in such a way that will keep you curious about yourself and that will inspire you to stretch your thinking. You will be empowered to achieve your life goals.


I will help you clarify what you want, and determine the steps you need to take so you can get it.

I keep you focused and through my experience and expertise, I will help you crystallize your vision, develop your plan and hold you accountable to follow the plan you set and to develop your skills so as to ensure you achieve success.

As your life coach, I will provide support that compels, challenges and inspires you to be better. Share on X


30-minute free consultation

Are you ready to change your life? If you are ready, don’t hesitate to request a free 30-minute consultation with me. As a result of our conversation, you will decide if coaching is for you or not. If the light is green, we will take off with full speed.

Why me

I promise 100% money-back guarantee

I am not saying that starting a coaching session with me will automatically take away all your life challenges, and give you instant success because it won’t.

Life coaching is a gradual process! Success doesn’t happen overnight, every good thing takes a process. However, I can guarantee that you will gain more clarity on your situation with each progressive session with me. Also, you will see new results and learn how to advance in life, business or career.

If you’re not gaining anything, you are free to cancel at any time and get your money back 100%.

Remember, there is a refund policy, so you have nothing to lose. Make use of this opportunity to change your life. Now is the right time. Book an appointment now!

pricing table of ayobami abiodun

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