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Ayobami Abiodun

I am a motivational speaker, life coach, social entrepreneur and poet. I am the Founder and CEO of YGEM. As a life coach, I specialize in mindset change and reorientation, behavioural pattern, personal development, relationship, business and success coaching. I’m a life coach who is passionate about helping others manage their lives and to live a fulfilled life. I have faced a lot of challenges, and at times, I have been at the verge of giving up. However, I found a secret that keeps me guided, and inspire me to rise above my challenges. I know you are facing one or two challenges too, and I can share my secret with you to also help you to rise above your challenges and live a happier life. I will teach you how to control your thoughts and actions, how to find positive meaning and push on in life. I will encourage you to challenge your self-limiting beliefs and inspire you to embrace positivity. I am a fun-loving person, and I have a great sense of humour. I don’t take life seriously, as I have learned to always enjoy the moment no matter the situation.

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Are you looking for a life coach, business coach or relationship coach? Hire me and let’s work together to achieve your goals. I will help you create a plan to reach your goals faster, and improve your life as you gain clarity about who you are and what you want in life. I am confident in my abilities to deliver due to years of experience and proven results.



Join my workshop classes on women entrepreneurship, relationship and personal growth. Participate and get hands-on experience to help you achieve your goals and lead a successful life. If you are an organizer looking for a motivational speaker for your training and workshops, kindly get in touch with me. I will help you transform your program.

Online Courses

Take my online courses on personal development. Invest in your life by improving your knowledge and learning new things daily. My online courses will empower you to discover yourself, adapt to change, live better, make life-changing decisions, maximize opportunities, become smarter and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.


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Customer Review

What to look for in a coach: Find a life coach who is a practical realist, and always feature extreme scenarios in the game plan. Find a life coach that focuses on objectivity and rationality. Finally, find a life coach that doesn’t encourage clients to be dependent on them.

After my coaching session, I give my clients strategies to enable them to figure things out themselves in the future, be confident about their decisions, and become independent. Also, I hold my clients accountable to follow the plans set and to develop their skills so as to ensure they achieve success.  I am always happy to see my client succeed because it gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Elizabeth Stewart

"I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with Ayobami. Though, I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur but I couldn't overcome my fear of starting a business. Ayobami helped me to bring out the entrepreneur in me.”

life coach review

Paul Shaun

"If there is a regret I have, it is the fact that I didn't get to know Ayobami earlier in my life and it felt like I wasted those years. Ayobami taught me things I never knew about myself. She helped me discover myself and empowered me to maximize my strengths to my advantage. ”

ayobami life coaching review

Abir Geidane

"I have worked with different life coaches, and at some point, I gave up on the idea of having a life coach because I didn't see any changes in my life. A friend introduced me to Ayobami Abiodun, and I decided to try just this last time. I am happy I tried one more time because everything turned out well. Ayobami is an insightful, proactive and very intuitive life coach. Today, I am living a happier life because I have changed my perspective on life.”