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Are you feeling like everything is going upside down? This poem is for you. I know you are full of doubts now and you have many questions to ask your future. You are trying your best to live the life you want, but it is always as if your ‘best’ exists to mock you. You know what? You have got to resolve in your heart that no matter your challenges, you will definitely excel in life. Make up your mind not to give up regardless of what you are facing. Fight! I want you to fight for your future. If you give up now, you will be the greatest loser in the battle of life. Trust me. Everything’s going to be alright.

It doesn’t matter where I am now; I can feel it within my bones that I will be great in life. Share on X


I Can’t Give Up Now; I Will Make It To The Top

Looking at myself with the eyes of my soul;
Longing for a day I will become wealthy and famous.
Hoping for a night I would sleep without the heartache.
I’m patiently waiting, but I’m tired of waiting.


My ears throb for good news.
My eyes are eager to weep for joy.
I have great dreams I want to achieve.
I can’t give up now; I’ve got to make it to the top.


I have seen how people’s life changes within a minute.
Within a minute, a destiny is fulfilled;
Within a minute, a life is destroyed.
I need a life-changing minute to favour me.


I have seen the ugly of life,
My eyes are now allergic to ugliness.
I need an optician, so I thought,
But all I need is to see the beauty within me.


My strength is in the red,
And I have lost motivation to charge it.
I have got to get back to the green line.
That’s where my success can be guaranteed.


I won't give up-poem


I won’t stay still, I’m sorry I just can’t anymore.
Whatever is going to happen has to happen now.
My mind is made up, I can’t give up now on my dream.
I need to be wealthy and famous.


Some people say wealth is vanity,
And being famous is overrated.
I say let me have both wealth and fame first,
Then I can tell you the true version of the story.


I work diligently, hoping that my hard work will pay off.
My conscience is clean but my mind is wavering.
They said I should follow passion, not money.
But won’t passion fade when you have no money?


I have no time to waste; I have to get to the top.
I have to be wealthy and famous,
Because that’s the destiny I choose for myself.
And that destiny must be fulfilled.


Who will help me achieve my dream?
Hmm, I realize I’m all alone in this world.
But I won’t let my challenges to steal away my destiny.
I can’t give up now so I will strive to get to the top.


Walk, I commanded my legs.
Walk into your life-changing opportunity.
I waited for an opportunity to come my way,
But, I’m done waiting; I’m just going to walk into it.


I refuse to get discouraged.
I refuse to wallow in self-pity.
If the road to my success is blocked,
I will construct a new road to success.


It doesn’t matter where I am now;
I can feel it within my bones that I will be great in life.
It doesn’t matter how tough up there is,
I will surely make it to the top.


Copyright by Ayobami Abiodun


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