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In many societies, a male child is valued over a female child, and this is a clear symptom of insanity in our society. Nature gives us both male and female because both are equally important and needed. If not, wouldn’t everyone be just a single gender? According to UN statistics, 117 million girls are missing around the world. It further explains that 24 million girls were aborted just because they were girls, not boys. One might want to argue that abortion could be as a result of valid reasons such as conception from rape, or incest, parents financial status, mother’s health etc. But, that’s not the case here; 24 million girls were aborted only because of their gender, no other reason.

More so, close to 100 million girls are abandoned; thrown in trash bins, left on the sides of the roads, and drowned, just because of the babies turned out to be girls, not boys. Isn’t this insanity? If you take time to watch gender-reveal videos, you will see how clearly a female child is discriminated against. Families, most especially in Asia and Africa openly celebrate the birth of a son with great joy, while the birth of a daughter isn’t much celebrated. Enough of this insanity! Enough of these traditions and practices that discriminate against female child. It is time for a change!

Daughters and Sons should be equally valuable because both are created equally and our differences exist to complement each other. Share on X


What Was Her Crime? Born A Female Child Into This World

Amina came to this world.
She announced her arrival with her cry.
She yearns for a cuddle,
But how will they cuddle a slave?
She has a vagina, that’s her only crime.


Amina, a precious gift from God.
She’s innocent like the morning dew.
She desires to dwell in the garden,
But she was dragged into the mud.
They said that’s where she belongs.


Amina could see her reflection in the mirror.
Colourful, bright and full of life,
But right before her eyes, her image became blurred.
Stereotypes redesigned a new image for her.
A new image void of her own reflection.


Amina could see a bright future for herself.
She has a dream to express her God-given talents,
But sexism is threatened by her dream.
Sexism needs reinforcement;
It’s an abomination for vaginas to be ambitious.


The only acceptable ambition of a vagina is to desire a powerful penis.
A penis wagging its head to destroy her inner core.
Oh, she’s too young for a penis.
Who cares? She’s a baby-making machine.
She’s a property to be possessed by a penis.


Amina is sold into slavery for pleasure.
Her value to them is worth less than a penny.
Society justifies their cruelty towards her.
They called her weak and a deformed male.
They said she’s inferior to a male.


If truly she’s inferior, why are you feeling insecure?
Why are you threatened by her potential?
Why do you deprive her of basic human rights?
Why do you oppress her to promote patriarchy?
Oh, you know the truth: she’s your equal, if not superior.


female child poem


Amina was promised life by the universe,
But you manipulated the forces to favour your ego.
And glued her to the background like wallpaper.
She’s feeling empty;
You have sucked all her essence.


There is a stirring at the core of the earth,
Mother Nature won’t remain silence anymore.
She has been cheated; the earth has been deformed.
Mother Nature could feel Amina’s pain.
And a revolution has begun.


There is a rising of the stars,
Realigning themselves to serve justice;
Justice for the oppression of women and girls.
She will demand her rights.
She will command the respect she deserves.


She knows who she is,
Being a female child is not a crime.
She’s blessed by the heavens.
She’s not inferior; all lives start in her womb.
All lives; male and female, starts as a female.


She knows who she is,
Being a female child is not a crime.
She is blessed to be born female.
And the world is blessed to have her as a female.
Female is powerful! Female is life!


Copyright by Ayobami Abiodun


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  1. I never understand why one gender will be valued above the other. We are all humans, and we are created to help each other, as no gender is inferior or superior to the other. I love this poem, Ayobami.

  2. Growing up, I hated being a female because of the way I was treated by my family and society. For a long time, I was angry with God for making me a female, but as I grew older and get to experience God on a personal level, I realized he really loves me and he has given me everything I need to live a great life. He gave me everything he gives a male and nothing about me made me a second class. One day, I asked myself that if the female were the ones to enjoy all the privileges in the society, would I still wish to be a male? Then I realize that it not that I didn’t like my gender, I just didn’t like the way we are treated in society. The society bias towards my gender is what made me hate being a female, not that being a female comes with any defects. I came to realize that society is sick and I told myself that I won’t subject myself to their sickness. I will never let anyone tell me what I can do or what I can’t do. I realize that being a female is the best thing that could ever happen to me. I am glad you wrote this poem because this will inspire girls to demand their rights. I support gender equality, and I will never stop supporting it to build a better society.

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