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Poverty is a cancer of the mind. It spreads so fast and corrupts the thoughts of a sane person. The sane person becomes insane; can’t differentiate between right and wrong anymore because s/he is desperate to survive. Poverty has stolen away dreams, goals, values and destinies. The effect of poverty on society leads to a high rate of crime and corruption. Do you know that over 1.3 billion people are living in extreme poverty? No wonder the level of wickedness, and heartlessness in the world today is alarming. Let’s come together to fight this disease of poverty so that generations to come can be cleansed from cancer of the mind.


[su_quote cite=”Ayobami Abiodun”]Poverty takes away conscience in the heart of the people and replaces it with desperation for survival.[/su_quote]

Effect Of Poverty On Society: Cancer Of The Mind

Many children are dying.

Many adults are depressed.

The young and old are sick.

The nation is vulnerable.

Poverty came like a mighty wild wind.

It swept across the nation.

Like a mighty flood, it carried away the people.

It made fruitful land barren.

Turned the rivers to desert,

And farmlands to wilderness.

Oh, the effect of poverty on society,

Who will put an end to it?


The people are sinking,

Drowning in the ocean of poverty.

They cried out for help.

Only if, there could be a rescue for them.

Poverty showed them no mercy.

It snatched away their young ones.

Decayed bodies of the dead decorated their streets.

The people mourn all day.

Poverty has mounted the throne.

Poverty is the master of the day and night.

Oh, the effect of poverty on society,

Who will deliver the people from it?


living in poverty


Poverty spreads so fast like a burning bush in the dry season.

Poverty inflicts a great disease on the people.

The people are diagnosed with cancer of the mind.

Poverty has eaten so deep into the mind of the people.

It seems there is no cure for it.

Poverty took away conscience in the heart of the people.

And replaced it with desperation for survival.

People will do anything just to survive.

Hunger won’t permit them to think straight.

Living in poverty turned the people to criminals.

Oh, the effect of poverty on society,

Who will cure the people?


The people are like a dry leave, about to fall off from the branch.

The level of insecurity, homelessness and hunger is rising.

Poverty has stolen away their dreams.

Poverty has stolen away their vision.

Poverty has stolen away their destiny.

Poverty has stolen away their pride.

Poverty has stolen away their values.

Poverty has stolen away their goals.

But poverty couldn’t steal away their hope.

The people are still hopeful, hoping for salvation to come for them.

Oh, the effect of poverty on society,

Who will save the people?


“We need doctors” the people cried out.

We need doctors to cure us of this disease of poverty.

“We need salvation” the people cried out.

We need salvation from this hardship, agony, pain and destruction.

The odour emerging from the land is becoming unbearable.

The water is turned to blood.

Abominations have never seized from the land.

Poverty has given birth to corruption.

The people can’t tell between good and bad anymore.

All that matters is for them to survive.

Oh, the effect of poverty on society,

Who will hear the cry of the people?



cancer of the mind - The people strive for survival


Let your heart be filled with compassion for the people.

Let their cry awaken empathy and social responsibility in you.

They are humans just like you.

The people are starving to death, do something.

Do something in your own little way to help the poor.

Thank heavens, you are fortunate in life.

But never take being fortunate for granted,

Because nothing is guaranteed in life.

Let us reach out to the nations sinking in poverty.

Let us reach out to the people living below the poverty line.

Together, we can find a solution to global poverty.

Because togetherness is a force that never is broken.


conscience - helping each other survive


Do what you can, when you can.

Live your life to make a difference in other’s life.

Put a smile on someone’s face,

It’s the least you can do for humanity.

Let’s combat the effect of poverty on society.

It’s time to put an end to hunger.

It’s time to help our fellow beings living in extreme poverty.

Together, let’s make the world a better place.



The People - effect of poverty on society


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Copyright by Ayobami Abiodun


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  1. Oh my God! this brought tears to my eyes. I can’t imagine people living without basic needs (food, water, shelter and clothing). This is a call to awaken. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It’s heartbreaking to know that some people are struggling to afford basic needs whereas some of us take those basic needs for granted. Thank you for your comment. I do strongly hope that this inspires someone out there to help the needy.

  2. “…Because togetherness is a force that never is broken.” Yes, I totally agree with you. If we come together in the sincerity of heart, we will surely put an end to poverty globally. I recently read an article that says that only 26 richest billionaires own more than half the wealth of people in the world (3.8 billion people). Can you imagine? it means just 26 people can at least solve close to 50% of the poverty issue globally. How much more if we all join forces to combat poverty. Great poem!

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