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Female Mutilation is an intentional act to suppress female sexuality by altering her genital organs. This practice of female genital mutilation is a violation of the human rights of women. It negatively affects the overall emotional and physical well-being of women and girls. Womanhood is priceless and shouldn’t be altered, therefore this shameful practice must be put to an end.

Female sexuality is valid and it's God's gift to her. Share on X


Terrible Female Mutilation Insanity Cries Out For Cure

From the depth of the valley.
To the top of the mountain.
Nothing could restore a part of her.
A part of her that was stolen from her.

She’s broken and wounded.
Wounded by those who should have protected her.
Disguised as family and friends,
Without a blink, they took away what belongs to her.

They corrupted her innocence.
They disfigured her sacred place.
Exposed to the wolf of insanity.
Insanity of female mutilation celebrated by her culture.

Her beauty is her wholeness.
They pierced her beauty with sharp objects.
She couldn’t escape from the pain.
The lifetime pain infringed on her.

For how long would they continue this culture.
The tradition to mutilate the beauty of womanhood.
The heartlessness of men to suppress her.
The desperate desire to oppress her.

They said her sexual pleasure is a taboo.
She’s not supposed to enjoy sex.
So they will take the right from her.
But how is God’s gift a taboo?

Her pleasure is their agony.
Her freedom is their insecurity.
Her confidence is their fear.
Her wholeness is the reason for their envy.

Female mutilation has done enough damage.
It has mar womanhood for so long.
The girls have lost a precious part.
A piece of art that cannot be replaced.


female strength and peace


The era of her silence is gone.
She will no longer be suppressed.
The era of her oppression is over.
She will stand up and fight against all odds.

The insane culture can’t restrain her anymore.
Because she has found her strength.
The wicked practice of female genital mutilation is exposed.
Because the pride of womanhood is indomitable.

Female genital mutilation is cruel.
Female genital mutilation is a pure act of wickedness.
And we won’t keep quiet anymore.
We won’t put our girls in danger anymore.

Her body is her rights.
Defiling her body is a crime against her body rights.
God made her with perfection in mind.
She refuses to be nothing less than who she is.

She will protect her generation from this shameful practice,
The shameful practice of female genital mutilation.
No girl deserves to undergo such pain any more.
Because enough is enough.

From the depth of the valley.
To the top of the mountain.
Though the part stolen from her can’t be restored.
But she’s found a new strength to heal her world.


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Female Genital Mutilation


Copyright by Ayobami Abiodun


10 responses

  1. Female genital mutilation is dangerous to the health of girls/women. It is sad to know that this practice ever existed. Like you said, yes we won’t keep quiet anymore. This barbaric act must stop.

    1. It is truly sad. According to WHO statistics, over 200 million girls and women alive today have undergone female genital mutilation. This wicked practise is concentrated more in Africa and Asia.

  2. What? Over 200 million girls and women? That’s outrageous. I think Africa and Asia needs to be enlightened on the health dangers of female genital mutilation.

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