Nothing Is Beyond You In Life

Life is not a stable, predictable journey; it comes with lots of surprises each passing minutes. However, whatever we get from life doesn’t have the power to determine who we are or how our future will turn out to be. We are the ones who have the power to decide that as a result of our attitude.  The reality is that nothing is beyond you. If your life isn’t going as planned, you might decide to give up or decide to hope for the best. The choice is yours.

Yes, you might not be able to control what you get from life, but you can control your decision on what to do with what you get from life. The choice is yours.Ayobami Abiodun


Nothing is beyond you in life

Yes, you can run fast,

Not faster than your legs.

Yes, you can eat fast,

Not faster than your mouth.


Yes, you can see clearly,

Not clearer than your eyes.

Yes, you can hear clearly,

Not clearer than your ears.


Yes, you can speak fluently,

Not more than your tongue.

Yes, you can write fluently,

Not more than your hand.


Yes, you can think deeply,

Not deeper than your mind.

Yes, you can breathe deeply,

Not deeper than your lungs.


Nothing is beyond you!

Everything that involves you is subject to you.

Don’t live your life as though it is finished.

As long as you are alive, you are in charge.


Nothing is beyond you!

Every problem you face has a solution.

And the solution is within you.

Dig deep; express the solution.


Face your challenges.

And you will come out victorious.

Face your fears.

And you will become bold.


Nothing happens to you without you.

Why let people and situations define you?

So, take charge of your life.

All that matters is you.




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