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When you were born, you had the potential to walk and talk but you didn’t do any of that. As a baby, you were completely dependent on someone until you were able to express your potential to talk and walk. Likewise, you carry a potential within you to fulfil your destiny and your future depends on it. If you stay ignorant of the power of your potential, you will be denying yourself the life you truly deserve.

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Are You Ignorant Of The Power Of Your Potential?

If you don’t learn how to crawl, how can you walk?

If you don’t learn how to push, how can you pull?

If you don’t learn how to talk, how can you sing?

If you don’t learn how to stand, how can you jump?

To reveal the power of your potential,

You will have to learn to identify your abilities.


Everything has a starting point.

Acknowledging your ‘start’ is the beginning of progress.

The highest mountain starts from somewhere,

Don’t be afraid to take the first step to climb.

Though it is terrifying to start the unknown.

But if you fix your gaze on the future reward, you will find courage.


Everything has a source.

Acknowledging your ‘source’ is the beginning of self-realization.

Even the mighty ocean has a source.

Don’t be afraid to discover the power of your potential.

Your self-image is the reflection of your source.

And self-curiosity is your clue to unleashing potential.



unveiling the power of your potential


Are you ignorant of the power of your potential?

Don’t keep yourself in the dark for too long.

Your potential is waiting for you to discover it.

You still have time because it is never too late.

It is never too late to realize your true potential.

But you have to be ready now to discover it.


What potential will you unleash?

Which of your ability will you discover?

How will you identify your talent?

When will you utilize your resources?

Time is passing quickly,

So hurry to unleash the power of your potential.


Wake up! It is not time to sleep.

Wake up to take your rightful position in life.

You are in this world for a mission.

You are still breathing just to achieve a purpose.

What will your response to your future be?

Will you be a disappointment or a blessing?


Learn to take charge of your life.

Never live your life as life dictates.

But live according to your terms and conditions.

Discipline yourself never to settle for less.

Know what you want in life.

And always go for whatever you want.



understanding your potential


Always go for what you want.

Always do what you believe in.

Always express yourself the way it pleases you.

The power of your potential is within you.

Find it, and use it to influence the world

Because you are a precious gift to the world.


The journey to understanding your potential is rough.

You will face life challenges and obstacles.

You might even be tempted to give up.

Don’t worry; it’s all part of the recipe for realizing potential.

It is Ok to take a break at times,

But don’t ever doubt your potential to succeed.


Learn to take a step at a time.

Discover your talents and utilize them.

Let the power of your potential be your driving force.

Sometimes you might not get what you want even after giving your best,

Even then, learn to celebrate yourself for giving your all.

And learn to always give a comeback.


Don’t be in a hurry to run,

When you haven’t perfected walking.

Don’t be in a hurry to dance,

When you haven’t perfected standing.

Don’t be in a hurry to maximize your potential,

When you haven’t realized the power of your potential.


Take a step at a time;

It is the only way to shun frustration.

The universe will always run its course.

You should also run your own course.

Nobody becomes an adult overnight,

Your potentials need nurturing so be patient.



developing your potential


Don’t push yourself too hard,

So as not to fall too hard.

You can only give what you have.

So take your time to realize what you have.

You are not ordinary, you have potentials within you.

It’s a sin not to discover that potential.


Strive to connect with your inner self.

Seek knowledge to improve yourself.

Meditate for self-realization.

Never hold yourself back.

Never accept limitation.

Never doubt your capability.


It is OK to be afraid of unleashing your potential.

It is OK to worry about if people will accept it or not.

But relax; you only need to take the first step.

Unleashing your potential is worth the effort.

Don’t hesitate to showcase your potential to the world.

And you will be proud of your accomplishment.


Fear only set in when something is valuable and worth it.

So it is OK to be afraid because your potential is truly valuable.

The power of your potential has no limitation.

Therefore, strive to unleash the full capacity.

Unleashing your potential is the best gift you can give yourself.

And you will be amazed at what you are capable of doing.


Copyright by Ayobami Abiodun


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  1. “Your potentials need nurturing so be patient.” I won’t give up, I will be patient and will continue to push the boundaries. Thanks for writing such an inspiring poem.

  2. It is always scary to start. I always feel like I’m not good enough and I also lack the courage to start doing something with my talent. I stumbled on this poem and it spoke to my heart and soul. It’s as if it was written especially for me. I feel motivated to kickstart. You are a blessing!

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