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Positivity in life is the key to success, happiness, and a sense of fulfillment. But how can you have a positive attitude and positive thoughts when positivity seems hard to reach? I will be addressing this issue in the article.

As you read along, I believe you will not only see the reasons why positivity is so important for overall success in life, but you will also know how to continuously think positive, surround yourself with positivity and stay positive daily even in hard times.

I know anytime you are faced with challenges or problems, your friends, family or colleagues often say to you “hey, look at the positive side” or “be positive, everything is gonna be alright” to cheer you up or to convince you not to give up. However, no matter how much you try to stay positive, your mind always goes on a journey of seeking out negativity and it’s hard to stop yourself from thinking negative thoughts. In fact, fear of “what if” always sets in.

You know what? Everyone experiences negative emotions from time to time (anger, sadness, guilt, disappointment, frustration, anxiety and depression) so, you are not alone.


5 reasons why positivety is important

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Let me start with this story:

A father saw his little girl crying profusely so he asked his daughter why she was crying. She told him that her classmates called him a common cleaner and they bullied her because of that. Her father had taken up the job of a cleaner after he was unjustly fired from his high-paying job. He had to take up the cleaning job, so as to put food on the table.

The father gave his daughter a tight hug and wiped her tears. He told her that she’s the daughter of a superhero because he fights the germs and protects people from sickness and death.

a positive thinking man, cleaning the toilet

The next day at school, when her classmates abused her, she faced all of them without feeling ashamed or insulted.  She told them that her dad is a hero, saving the world. Ever since then, nobody bullied the girl again. Not because they all believed that her father is truly a hero, but because she was no longer ashamed of her father’s occupation. They could see pride, delight and confidence in the little girl’s eyes. That’s the power of positive thinking!

Keep a positive attitude; you need it more during tough times.

Always know that being positive doesn’t mean you are in denial of your current situation. However, your positivity and optimism will empower you to boss around your situation, put you in charge and make you feel happier.

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Worksheet PDF

There is a worksheet for you. Kindly download the positivity worksheet after reading the article. Make sure you are willing to do everything it takes to stay positive.

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Positivity definition

Positivity has to do with your perspective. It is all about being optimistic in your thought and attitude. Positivity is when you maintain your calmness, hopefulness, enthusiasm and love for life.

Positive living is based on your positivity background. The background has to do with a mind-body connection and this is a powerful connection that delivers a ‘can-do attitude’ to you and empowers you to stay optimistic. What I’m trying to say is that in order to stay positive, you will have to continually challenge the state of your mind and body to focus on positivity.


How to be positive

In physics, we are told that white light contains all wavelengths of visible light, while black is the absence of visible light. Likewise, positivity is all about visibility (reflecting visible light). It is your ability to reflect (throwback) positive energy and not absorb (soak up) negative energy.

To reflect a positive energy, you only need a shift in your perspective and to be optimistic. Optimism is a mental attitude that gives positive vibes and reflects a belief that the outcome of a thing will be favourable and desirable.

Positiveness could be quite challenging, but a positive thinker will always strive to develop a positive attitude. When you have positive perspectives, you perceive things differently and that enables you to feel more positive.

When you change your attitude towards something, you will be able to define what resonates with you and positiveness will be possible.

From the father and daughter story above, the man didn’t see himself as a cleaner, even though he’s a cleaner. Though he was facing difficult times, he didn’t let that stop him from focusing on the positive. He sees himself as a superhero fighting germ and he transferred the same positive perspective to his daughter and this helped his daughter to overcome her challenges (bullying and shame) too.


How to stay positive: 7 tricks that work like magic.

To know how to have positive thoughts, you have to first accept yourself for who you are. Always know that there are things you cannot change about yourself, so instead of daily feeling depressed about those things, just accept it for what it is. Learn to let yourself embrace who you are.

For example, you might feel like you are too tall or too short. Don’t waste your time feeling depressed about it, instead, appreciate it. You know there are things a short person can do that a tall person cannot and vice-versa. Learn to appreciate your uniqueness and be grateful because you are perfect the way you are.

If you want my ‘7 tricks to stay positive’ to work for you, I believe you will make it a point to accept yourself. So now, it’s time to reveal my 7 tricks”.

7 tricks to stay positive


1. Always find the good about something

The world is not black and white. There is nothing in this world that doesn’t have its good side and its bad side. Simply nothing! Whenever you are faced with an ugly situation, don’t be bias. First, clear your thoughts and mind, and then think of the pros and cons of the situation.

When I applied for an opportunity in 2018, my application got shortlisted from the pool of thousands of applications for the second stage. I was very happy that I went through for the second stage and I was hoping to get good news. However, at the last stage, I lost the opportunity.

I was extremely sad because I gave it my best. Though it was so painful, I self-talk myself to find the good about it. I asked myself: now that I have been rejected, what are the pros and cons of the rejection?

Today, people now send their applications to me because I turned the table around. I used the ideas I got from my pros and cons analysis. Last year, I was applying for the opportunity but now I read other applications. Tell you what? Positivity is a game changer!

From experience, I can guarantee that finding the good about something will help your positiveness and develop positive emotions (joy, passion, happiness, freedom, appreciation, love, excitement etc).


Focus on the good things.

You know, at night, when everything is so dark, if you look to find the good, you will see it. You will see the stars and the moon. And even if you don’t, you will hear the soothing cricket sounds at night or the beauty of the fireflies.

There is always something good to find in any situation. Like someone said, even if you fall from a staircase, have a positive outlook that you saved time in descending the staircase. Lol.


2. Refocus

Positivity and negativity are like twins. You can have positive thought this minute and the second-minute negative thoughts start buzzing in your mind.

It is a normal thing for everybody to have negative feelings regardless of our positive mindset or how strong our positive aura is. For you to stay positive, you have to consciously divert negativity thinking.


Overcoming negativity is a continuous process and requires deliberate action daily. Your word, thought and action should focus on good things.


Whenever negative thoughts come to my mind, I immediately divert it by thinking positively and saying positive words to myself. I have some positivity mantra I often use for my positive self-talk exercises. I don’t just say the mantra, I meditate on the word to stay focus on positivity.

Imagination is a great tool to help refocus your mind on positivity. Therefore, always embrace imagination. The power of imagination will design positive images in your mind to enhance the positivity effect. Positivity images designed through imagination creates a balance for your mind, body and soul.

You can also redirect your mind to focus on positive things by practising positive affirmations. Daily affirmations with positivity sayings will help you stay positive. Self-talk yourself to positivity. Don’t just say the word, you’ve got to believe the word you say so that it can be effective.



3. Do things that make you happy 

True happiness comes from within and it reflects positive vibes only. When you are happy, you become more positive and you will be inspired to stay positive in life. Because happiness is a choice, choose to always do things that put you in a good mood.


Reconnecting with your passion is a great motivation for staying positive.


Think of things you enjoy doing and start doing them more often. Find a hobby you love. It could be dancing, music, travelling, eating, watching movies, sports, socializing, painting, etc. Doing things you love is good for stress management and will help you live a positive life.

I always make time for my hobbies no matter how busy I am because it helps me to be positive and optimistic. I love to watch wrestling, listen to music and watch comic videos.

Anytime I am depressed, or having negative thoughts, I always turn to my hobbies for positive results. I start singing songs that makes me happy. Most especially, I sing songs that are attached to my childhood memories so that I can feel like a child again; free, open and inspired.

One of my childhood favourite songs is “The world’s greatest” by R. Kelly. This song always inspires me to be hopeful and be positive about my future.

I could also turn to the internet to checkout positivity memes or watch various comic videos. Oh, this is one of my biggest internet sucking outlets. I spend lots of data watching comic videos and shows online and I don’t regret doing so because, at the end, I always feel happy, and refreshed. At times, I enjoy sitting alone outside to observe my environment; cars, animals, and nature. And I tend to appreciate life more.

happiness leads to positivity

When you are happy, you tend to think positive thoughts and this helps you to develop a positive mental attitude in you.

Being happy enables you to easily overcome low self-esteem and depression. Happiness will make you see the power of positivity.

I think this article how to find a hobby you love can help you find your hobby.

Also, positivity in the workplace is very important because doing things that put you in a happy mood, will inspire positive leadership, great attitude and great teamwork.

You might want to read  the science behind positive thinking


4. Challenge yourself

Challenging yourself will help you to see positivity within you and will boost your self-confidence. The more you challenge yourself, the more you start to believe in yourself.

Remember when you were a kid and your friends tell you “I dare you”, what do you do? Most often, you take up the task to prove to them that you are capable of. Challenging yourself means telling yourself “I dare me” and this will motivate you to do the task you thought you couldn’t do. The more new tasks you complete, the more confident you become and the more your positivity.

The easy way to start challenging yourself is to start with physical activities (task). For example, if you could only do 3 pushups, challenge yourself to do 5 pushups and then have positive reinforcement in place. E.g. if I do 5 pushups today, I will give myself a treat by going shopping as a reward.

Don’t go too fast, take it slow and steady. Don’t set up challenges that are not realistic. If you could only do 3 pushups, don’t challenge yourself to do 10 all of a sudden because most likely you will fail. And when you fail, it could have a negative effect on your confidence.

positivity challenge with push-ups

Start challenging yourself with smaller goals and the achievement of your smaller goals will boost your positivity to set and accomplish bigger goals.

Back to the example, if you start with 5 pushups challenge and you successfully complete the challenge, then you move on to 10 pushups, and then to 15 pushups. Gradually, you will get better and you would be able to surprise yourself even more.

To stay positive, always give yourself a positive challenge.

I always challenge myself regularly. I challenge myself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. More so, challenging yourself is good for your mental health and well-being.


5. Befriend yourself

The best friend you can ever have is you. You can’t stay positive if you don’t have self-love. Self-love is befriending yourself; loving and caring for yourself.

For you to befriend yourself, you will have to accept the things you cannot change. Forgive yourself of your mistakes, and focus on your strength, not your weakness. Always learn to spend quality time alone with yourself. Make time for yourself despite your busy schedule.

My God, I don’t joke with my alone time because I get to communicate with myself, understand everything happening within me and refresh my thoughts. I set a period for myself alone because spending time with myself makes me gain control over my thoughts and feelings. I found it relaxing and stimulating. Often, inspiration comes to me when I’m alone with myself.

Embrace meditation

Meditation will help you to discover yourself and this will lead to personal development, personal growth, self-improvement, self-awareness and positivity.

When you befriend yourself, you will stop comparing yourself to others because you will understand that you are the price to focus on. You will compare yourself with yourself. You’ll compare who you were yesterday to who you are today. And try to understand and monitor any improvement or progress.


What matters most is who you are and not where you are. You can be anywhere anytime, but you can’t be anyone anytime.


Daily self-love exercise:

daily positivity affirmation in front of the mirror

Sit in front of the mirror every day in a quiet place. Take a good look at yourself and appreciate your beauty (within and without). Look straight into the mirror at the person reflecting and look deep enough.

Tell yourself how much you love yourself. Common, learn to say sweet things (word) to yourself. Remind yourself daily that you are truly worthy of love and you deserve happiness. Niceness to yourself should be an everyday thing. Is that clear? *wink.


6. Handle criticisms

When you learn how to handle criticisms, your resilience will increase and you will become happier in life. Effectively handling criticisms will help you develop the right attitude and stay positive. Most often, what we hear, and how we are being treated always affect how we perceive ourselves and which ought not to be so. We shouldn’t base our lives on other people opinion.

Do you know why? Human nature is selfish. People will think and speak only from their own perspective.  And their opinion is also based on their interest and motive.

A negative word can destroy a person, relationship and life. Negative words have a stronger effect than positive words. As humans, we tend to dwell more on things we didn’t do right or things we got negative criticism for instead of things we are complimented for.

Criticism can negatively influence positivities so it is important to learn how to handle criticism like a pro.

To handle criticism, listen first to what’s being said. Then analyze what’s being said if it is true or not. You cannot analyze criticism if you don’t change your perspective. You have to be open-minded to genuinely analyze your criticism (understand your critics point of view).

Don’t be bias! If what’s being said is true, that’s constructive criticism and don’t take it personally, instead see it as an opportunity for improvement and growth.

However, if it is not true, that means it’s a destructive (negative) criticism meant to cause hurt so don’t waste time thinking about it. Just ignore it totally and don’t let it get to you. Shun negativity completely by staying confident.


Always be true to yourself. Have the courage to do what you want and not what people expect.


Engaging in positivity challenge (challenging yourself) can help you to build your self-confidence and boost your willpower to keep doing what you are doing. Get motivational quotes, and inspirational quotes to keep you on your track. Whenever you are overwhelmed with negative emotions, always refocus your mind to positivity.


7. Help others

When you help others, you will feel better about yourself and you will be proud of what you’ve done. Helping others makes you feel valuable to people and yourself, and helps you to maintain positive thoughts.

You don’t have to wait to have money or be in a better position before helping others. You can help others where you are, doing little acts of kindness to uplift others. For example, you could smile at a stranger, genuinely complement your colleagues, laugh with others, show gratitude, volunteer for community service, do pleasant things for your friends and family etc.

Do you know helping others can help you to discover your talent and find your purpose in life?

Always help others because it is the right thing to do, and because it will also help to improve your physical, emotional, and mental health.

Anytime I help others, I always feel on top of the world. Helping others is the reason why I do what I do as a life coach. Nothing can be compared to the happiness, gratitude, satisfaction and pride you derive from helping others.

power of positivity - hero


If you want to be positive, and stay positive in life, ensure to spread positivity to others. Every little thing you do to share positiveness counts.


How do you stay positive in hard times?

You might have heard: “People who have a positive attitude ALWAYS achieve their goals”- That’s positivity myth.

Remember Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz fight? Before the fight, Anthony Joshua definitely has a positive attitude and must have believed that he’s going to win the fight like every other fight he’s won.

staying positive- Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz fight

However, Anthony Joshua loses world heavyweight titles in a shock defeat to Andy Ruiz Jr. He did a comeback and used the second chance he got to reclaim his lost titles. When you stay positive, you will be able to maximize the second chance life presents to you.

So the fact that someone has a positive mind and is being positive doesn’t mean that the person wouldn’t have bad days or bad lucks at time. It doesn’t mean that the person will ALWAYS achieve his/her goals just by staying positive. However, a positive mindset would help you to stay hopeful and empower you to rise above all the disappointments you might face.

What I do to stay positive in a difficult situation

If I am facing a difficult situation, I always find it really hard to be positive. In fact, it is like positivity at that moment is impossible. So what I usually do is to stay neutral (no negative thinking and no positive thinking). I stay neutral with my imagination. I start imagining new situations, stories, event, places, lifestyle, etc. for my personal entertainment.

Recently I had a bad day so what I did was that I started formulating an action film storyline in my head. I closed my eyes and I imagined that I was the actor in the film. I imagined I had superpowers and could beat anybody, climb any tree or mountain, destroy any obstacles in my way.

In my imagination, I was as fast as the speed of light and I could change my form to anything from liquid to gas to solid. I even had a lover in my imagination world and we had 12 domestic workers. Our domestic workers were the corrupt presidents of 12 great countries. I conquered their territory with my power. In no time, a smile appeared to my face and I was relieved of depression. Imagination is a mystery I enjoy doing and has always worked for me like magic.

Think of anything, it doesn’t matter if it is realistic or not, the goal is to entertain yourself and lighten up your mood from anxiety, depression, disappointment and pain.

Also, you can think of the real problem you are facing but in your imagination, reverse the situation (think that the problem is solved and everything is fine).

For example, if you are fired from your job for no good reason and you are feeling depressed. Serve sweet revenge with your imagination.

Close your eyes, and imagine that you bought the company. Imagine that your wicked boss was on his knees begging you to save his ass. That’s it; I swear you will feel good. This is positive psychology for your mind. I promise it is a practical way to stay positive during hard times.

Also, watch happy videos, listen to positivity podcast, positive news and positive stories. Read positivity quotes, positive thinking books, positivity blog, positivity journal, happiness quotes, optimism quotes, inspirational quotes, motivational quotes, and positivity articles.

Surround yourself with positive people and always remember that no condition is permanent! Hard times won’t last forever.


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How positivity leads to success

Positive thinking is a treasure because it is the key to success. You have to be in the right frame of mind to enjoy success. Your state of mind is guided by your thoughts so it is important to have good thoughts.

Success doesn’t happen overnight; it takes hard work, smart work, confidence, hope and patience to make it happen. And positivity provides these ingredients to you so that you can eventually achieve success in life. There is a strong relationship between positivity and performance. Positivity helps to boost performance.

Impact of positivity psychology

My cousin is an athlete and she was to represent her school at the federal college games for the long jump. We often go together to the stadium to practice long jump training every day after she comes back from school. My cousin is very good at long jump and I am always impressed with her skills.

long jump landing pit

Unfortunately, 3 days to the national games, my cousin was having a problem with her jump. She was stepping over the board constantly. If that happens at the national games, it means that her effort will be declared no-jump (illegal jump and it won’t be recorded).

I saw that my cousin started having self-doubts and was losing her self-confidence. I told her to take a break and that we will practice the next day.

The next day during practice, out of 15 jumps she did, she overstepped the board 11 times and her long jump distance was reducing as well.

I knew I had to do something, if not, my cousin would lose the game at the federal level because her confidence is close to zero. I could see the fear in my cousin’s eyes.

She has been doing great since we started the practice but when we have few days left (3 days) to the deal day, her performance has been going from good to worse.

I took out my handkerchief and used it to cover her eyes. She asked me “what are you doing?” I said “keep quiet and let me be your coach” She laughed at me because she knows I really don’t know much about long jump. I told her to jump blindfolded. She wanted to argue with me but I threatened to leave if she refuses to obey my instruction.

So she started jumping blindfolded.

Anytime she jumped, I would cheer her up and tell her that she didn’t overstep the board even though she did. I kept telling her that her jump distance was improving and that she’s not overstepping the board (that’s a lie).

Well, she had to take my words for it because she couldn’t see what she’s done. I noticed that the more I tell her she was doing great, the more her performance keeps improving.

Gradually, her confidence was restored and my cousin’s performance was getting better with each jump. The last day of practice, we did the same again. She jumped blindfolded and did excellently well.

My cousin went for the national games and behold she got the gold medal for long jump. Her mark was impressive for her age and she broke the record with a 20ft 41/2 in. That’s the power of positivity.

Because I told her positive words, she believed the positive words and that lead her to success.

After the celebration of her victory, she came to me and told me that she had never thought she could jump blindfolded.

She said “when I jumped blindfolded, I was able to concentrate on myself, my body movement and my mind was active. And this helped me to master how I jump”

I gave a crooked grin. At that point, I took out my phone and played the video of her jumping blindfolded for her. Of course, she didn’t know that I was recording her. She watched it and saw that I had lied to her. The first 6 jump attempt was no-jump and the distance covered was short.

We started laughing together, and she hugged me and said: “thank you.” I did what I did because I understand the impact of positive psychology and I used it to help her.

It is always good to surround yourself with positivity because it will boost your performance and change your life.

Avoid negative people, and negative words. Engaging our minds with positive thoughts and positivity messages will help us to be successful in life. Have a positive mentality! Positive thinking builds your skillset and improves your mental and physical health.


Positive quote of the day:

positive thoughts - quote of the day



5 reasons why positivity is absolutely important for success

You might be wondering, why is positivity important? I will tell you why and then leave you to decide if positivity is important to you or not. I want you to remember that positivity is your key to happiness and you should be doing everything to keep that key intact so that you can always gain entrance. I will go ahead now to give you 5 reasons why positivity is important for success.

1. Help you to stay focused 

Positivity helps you to look ahead regardless of your current situation. Positive thinking inspires a positive attitude towards life. You should know that the first three steps to success (belief in yourself, set goals and take action) are influenced by positivity.

If you want to be successful, you have to embrace positivity and be positive at all times (if not all the time, most of the time). The secret of success is focus and positivity helps you to stay focused in life. When you are focused, you will achieve your goals and success will be your buddy.


Positivity helps you to stay motivated during hard times.

Tiger Woods, American professional golfer is one of the most famous athletes of all time. We all know his story how he fell from grace to grass as a result of personal problems and health problems. Everyone had thought it was the end of his career and people were saying he would never make it again. Despite everything, he never stopped trying. He was focused on his goals and not the noises around him.

power of positivity - tiger woods comeback

The same man everyone thought wouldn’t make it, win the greatest comeback in sporting history after an 11-year lapse. Thinking positive about yourself is very important, it will help you to overcome huddles in life.


2. Help you develop can do attitude

Success begins with having the right mindset. In order words, the way to success starts with right mindset. You need to have the self-trust mindset, positive mindset, and learning mindset.

If you want to be successful in life, you first have to believe in yourself. Positivity gives you reasons why you should belief in yourself. It makes you see things in a different light, therefore opening you up to new opportunities and challenges.

Positivity fuels inspiration and creativity.

Positive thinking helps you to have a growth mindset. You develop a can do attitude only when you have positive thoughts. However, positive thoughts isn’t enough, you have to take action as well.

Positivity makes you belief that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. It makes you ready and prepared to take up new challenges, learn new things and expand your horizon.

An optimistic person always have a can do attitude. When you have a can-do attitude, it means you are very positive and you believe in your ability to achieve success.

Can do attitude increases self-efficacy.

Can do attitude is one of the keys to success in life. Those who are successful always have a can do attitude. If you don’t do something, how will you record success?

You might want to read: how to develop a can do attitude


3. Build your resilience

Like I said earlier, Success doesn’t happen overnight; it takes hard work, smart work, confidence, hope and patience to make it happen. If you are the type that easily gives up, then you might be missing your train to success. You know, to get to your desired destination, you have to wait for your train.

During the waiting time, you need to surround yourself with positivity. Resilience is the key to success in life. It empowers you to keep going and not to give up.

Giving up is not an option for a positive person. Yes, at times, you might truly feel like giving up because nothing is working in your way. Even then, positivity will give you hope to belief that the future will bring you something good. Positive affect your determination never to give up until you make it. In order words, positivity will help to build your resilience.

Every successful people know that resilience is a great tool needed to achieve success.

Often times, people confuse ‘change of tactics’ as giving up. It is two different things.  You can always change your tactics anytime; you don’t have to stick to a specific method.

The fact that you changed the way you are pursuing your goal doesn’t mean you have given up. For example, if you want to move from Poland to France, you can decide to use the train or the car or the plane.

The mode of transportation you choose isn’t the focus, the goal (get to France) is the focus. In fact, it is foolishness to keep repeating the same thing over and over again and be expecting different results.

I believe you know how many times Thomas Edison failed before he successfully invented the light bulb. Positive thinking inspires you to keep going regardless of the situation. It builds your self-esteem, boost your willpower and increases your level of determination.


4. Stay healthy

You cannot achieve success if you are always sick because you won’t be able to do anything. Sound health (both mental and physical) is very important to achieve success in life.

You have to be in good health. Positive thinking helps to reduce stress, lower depression, and increase your life span. Research shows that people with the highest level of optimism had an 11% to 15%  longer life span on average than those who practiced little positive thinking.

I recommend you read Want to live live longer? Be an optimist, study says  

Being healthier will help you succeed. Optimism can improve your immunity and gives you a better psychological and physical well-being. Remaining positive in life should be a goal you should keep up.

how to be positive

Don’t underestimate the power of positivity.

There is a strong connection between positive thinking and health. Good health means good life. Staying positive could even make you look younger than your age and be more energetic.  Improve your health by being positive and optimistic.


5. Build good and healthy relationship

We all know that networking is important for success. Every successful people spend time in building their connection. If you have positive mindset, everyone around you will be able to feel your positive vibration. They will see the positivity sign and will always want to associate with you.


People don’t want to be around a negative person (pessimist), because everyone wants to be assured that they can be whoever they want to be in life.


Being positive will help you to build a good and healthy relationship with your friends, family, colleagues, business partners and even strangers.

Do you know research shows that optimist has better love lives and maintains healthy relationships? Positivity and negativity is contagious that’s why it is always important to surround yourself with positive people (optimists).

Positivity helps to awaken the compassion within you for yourself and for others.

A good attitude is needed to succeed in life. Positivity also awakens the spirit of togetherness. Living a positive life fills you with love, gratitude and happiness.



A mother told her son to change the battery in the radio. After a while, the mother asked her son to confirm if he did change the battery and he said yes but the radio wasn’t working.

So, the mother was worried that her favourite radio (her late husband got the radio for her years ago) has developed a fault. She tried all her best to make the radio work but it didn’t.

Then she decided to re-check the battery her son had changed and she found out that her son had placed the positive end of both batteries together instead of ‘positive end and negative end’.

Mother: Henry, why did you place the positive ends together?

Henry: mum, you told me to always be positive.

positivity and negativity comic

Lol, I don’t want you to leave my site, thinking that you should ignore all other emotions completely because my positivity blog says you should always be positive.

I need you to understand that the ‘bad’ exist for a purpose just the same way the ‘good’ exist for a purpose. Without failure, you can’t truly appreciate success. Just like the story, the negative end of the battery is as important at the positive end and it is needed to make the radio work.


For things to work in your life, always be in touch with your true emotions every time. The façade of being positive has the potential to destroy.


Don’t ignore your chagrin. Embrace the negative.

Oh, Ayobami what are you saying? You have written a long post just to tell me to be positive and now, you are saying I should embrace the negative.

Yeah, I understand your confusion right now. However, I love to be completely sincere with my loved ones, so it will be unjust if I keep the whole truth from you.

Staying positive doesn’t mean that you should act as if negative doesn’t exist. Understanding the negative will awaken true appreciation within you for the positive things and expressing gratitude every day will be easy for you.

I strongly advise that you should think of your problems, sadness, sorrow, depression, fear etc. Don’t act (pretend) like they don’t exist. If you keep running away from your negative emotions, you will be doing yourself more harm than good. Instead, try to understand the cause of your negative emotions so that you can properly address them.

Acknowledging their presence will help you to appreciate positivity and you will be able to properly deal with your negative emotions.

Always remember that without darkness, we can’t truly appreciate the light.

Acknowledge what you can’t control. And for the things you can control, work on improving them to be a better person. To err is human, but not to learn from the error or mistake is 100% stupidity. So you have to embrace negative as well.

But always keep this in mind: Embracing negative is not for you to dwell on the negative, it is for you to understand it. That’s all.

Have a great attitude towards life. Surround yourself with positivity. You can join a positivity group, hire a positivity coach, do positivity project or engage self-help. Whatever you do, be positive.


positive thoughts

Benefits of positive thinking can never be overemphasized, so remaining positive is essential for a good life and emotional wellness. Don’t forget to download the worksheet for this article.

My final word is: Enjoy life! You deserve it.

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  1. This is not just one of those positivity articles online, this is truly inspiring. I love the fact that you were practical and gave realistic approach to staying positive in life. Great job!

  2. I love this quote: “Always be true to yourself. Have the courage to do what you want and not what people expect.” It’s as if you know what I am currently going through and you wrote this article just for me. Thank you so much. The world needs people like you.

  3. I always try to stay positive even when I am facing difficulties because I strongly believe that my future is bright and I know I will surely get what I deserve in life. Staying positive always helps me to keep my hope alive. Today, I am happy to learn effective ways to continually stay positive. Reading this article has boosted my self-confidence and willpower never to give up. Thank you so writing an awesome article like this.

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